CDS General Rawat’s Helicopter Crash – An Accident or something else question remains wide open?

Gen Bipin Rawat, Chief of the Army Staff India
Gen Bipin Rawat, Chief of the Army Staff India
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Big blow to India and her Bravehearts. A horrific accident engulfed high-profile defense Chopper in including CDS General Bipin Rawat left India and her people in deep shock.

The helicopter crashed in the Nilgiris forest in Kunnur, Tamil Nadu around 12:40 pm on Wednesday. Chief of Defense Staff and Commander-in-Chief of the Army Bipin Rawat were present. There was also his wife, Madhulika. Out of the total of 14 passengers, 11 died in the accident. Eyewitnesses were shocked to see such a scene happening in front of their eyes.

Some questions remain unanswered after CDS General Rawat’s helicopter crashed in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday.

  • Did the helicopter hit the power line?
  • What was the height of the helicopter when it crashed?
  • What caused the helicopter to crash?
  • Was there a mechanical failure?

Asked what could be the cause of the crash of the IAF helicopter, former MI-I7 pilot said, “The main culprit was always the weather. The weather in the mountains was bad. The weather could be one of the reasons; another could be. A technical fault.”

At the time of the accident, the army helicopter had crashed to the ground from the sky. After that, the MI-17 helicopter hit a tree in the forest and ignited. Eyewitnesses are giving such details of Wednesday’s accident.

A local resident of Kunnur told media, “At first I heard a croaking noise. As soon as I got out of the house, I saw that the helicopter hit a tree at high speed. After that, I saw a fireball. At the last moment, he pushed hard on another tree. I saw two or three people trying to get out of the crashed helicopter. But their whole body was burnt at that moment. “He added,” After that, I called the people. We try to help. The fire brigade and police were also notified.

As of now, no official communication on the status of CDS Rawat and many mysteries unfolding among people, including the hands of enemy agencies, too. If it is found to be a man-made disaster, then surely this is an intelligence and security failure.

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