Roman Holiday in Congress Leadership – Sonia Gandhi back to Center Stage as Congress President

Sonia Gandhi
Sonia Gandhi

A century-old party with 60 years of power experience in Indian politics found none other than old gun Sonia Ji as their leader. Rahul Gandhi not ready to accept the position and Priyanka after Amethi magical performance for her brother was even not in the mind. Congressmen took 13 hours to declare what people knew even months ago who will be the next in power.

A complete Roman Holiday for Congress and drama unfolded late night just to ensure power remains with in the family. We must learn from congressmen what is called “Kalidas effect” in judgment.

Despite many good young leaders outside the family, Congress stuck to the fancy with the Gandhi Nehru surname. This is another blunder and way to Congress Mukth Bharat no other than Congress is working towards Modi’s call for Congress Mukt Bharat with full steam in the belly.

This decision is surely made young leaders look for the options outside congress and people with stigmatic corruption charges will be encouraged to walk in the same path.

Indian National Congress lacks leadership and other than Gandhi family none can lead them that is the message CWC wants to convey to the nation?

Modi Amit Shah got the right weapon for the next five years to clean and clear the political opponents without any new issue to think for.

Hope Congress will soon find leaders within or lose the race against Modi further within the youths of India.

But Congratulation to Sonia Ji for a new life in Congress again and let’s see how she manages to consolidate and move ahead.

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