Rich Manley – Passionate explorer of action/adventure and thoughtful about assisting indigenous communities.

Rich Manley
Rich Manley
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

Rich Manley is a famous personality who is a magician, an adventure lover, martial arts lover with many awards and voyager. He is a person who always thrives for best. Born on June 16, 1986, in Massachusetts, Manley got himself involved and absorbed in magic when he was just 10 years old. 

His grandfather has an important role in this as his granddad showed him his first magic trick. 

With his knowledge, talents, and skill, Rich used to perform at events, bars, TV programs, and for the family during early High school years. His passion for magic was very powerful just like his eagerness for martial arts, and he never stopped making new effects and improving his skills.

In his early twenties Rich has performed for corporate functions, celebrities and had traveled the world to show his performance. Then after that he appeared on Tv show like ‘Masters of Illusions’ and ‘Don’t Blink’ that gave him tremendous fame.

His Journey To Hollywood

His magic abilities in the industry gave him fame and he was invited to perform at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.
Not only this he has acted with super hit actors like Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise. As an actor he was seen as the lead in Acre beyond the Rye along side James Caan.
Rich was hungry to be the best and he has showcased his martial arts in various commercials. His film Fallen Cards is full of tough actions and martial arts.

Love For Martial Arts And Other Sports 

His love for martial arts is not new to anyone. Even is film Fallen Cards is full of martial arts. He started learning Kenpo Karate at the young age of 12. He recieved his blackbelt just after three years and began teaching classes. But seems like he still wanted to achieve more, so he began studying in Shaolin Kung Fu and travelled to Flushing Ne York to train with the Shaolin Monks. He learnt Wing Chun Kung Gu and began teaching seminars and giving classes after receiving black sash in Wing Chun. He can bend spears with his neck, a skill which is reserved for many masters in shaolin. 

You will be shocked to know that Rich has also studied Choy Li fut, Chinese wrestling, knife fighting, boxing and many other weapons.

Concerned about third world countries and indigenous tribes

Rich is very concerned about the state of third world countries and how industrial age is effectinng indigenous tribes and all people. 
He brings food and other necessities for tribal wherever he can. 

He visited Amazon rainforest to reach an indigenous tribe and community ‘ Palma Real’. He entertained them by performing magic for local people there. He spent time in Maldives to learn the culture of communism on Maafushi Island. He has met tribal people of Srilanka, Ethiopia and Thailand. 

“In a time where many indigenous people are being pushed out from indigenous homelands or otherwise forgotten to the growing industrial age, I believe it is important, if not imperative, to showcase the struggles, beliefs, and the very real human purity of these people that is slowly being stripped away, held together delicately in close knit communities often turned tourist trap” says Rich.

He is much concerned about our environment in which we live in. To know more about it he aims to read awareness of the effects of environmental problems like global warming, climate change, deforestation and western ideas.

This integration of my magic in the film industry spurred the creation of my latest show, “Culture Shock, Bridging cultures through Magic”, says Rich. 

Why Culture Shock Is Very Important For Rich & For Us

Rich is the creator and one of the producers for this travel/adventure show.
The concept of the show is to travel around the world in search of indigenous peoples.  In this show, Rich aims to explore indigenous tribes, meet locals, shamans, and learn about their beliefs. Manley will also discuss important issues through interviews and discussions with these people.
Through this show he will travel and document countries and cultures to spread awareness of their traditions and way of life. Rich aims to bridge cultures through a universal language i.e magic.
The belief and tribulations of these people, their daily routines, courage, and adherence to strong traditions is the main focus of this show. According to Rich, Through the study of magic, culture, history, tradition and geography, we can be connected to the spirituality and cultures of foreign civilizations.

“This show is a mixture of Anthony Bourdain, David Blaine, and Bear Grylls “Man Vs. Wild”. We Rock climb, trek through mountains, traverse jungles, scuba, and boat across oceans to interact with these peoples and communities.” Says Rich

Other Things That Make Rich Manley More Interesting

Rich is an avid rock climber, scuba diver, sky diver, traveller and adventurer. He has studied anthropology, archaeology, and culture extensively. He loves writing and creating music.



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