Multifaith Centre inside the Youth Olympic Village

Youth Olympic Torch
Youth Olympic Torch
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Multifaith Centre inside the Youth Olympic Village

The General Directorate of Worship will have a Multifaith Centre in the Youth Olympic Village. The main aim of it will be to provide every person residing in the Youth Olympic Village, a place to meditate, pray and the possibility to contact referents from the religion they are interested in.

In this space, they will have the chance to relax and meditate; also our consultants will be there to assist and answer any inquiries about temples, guided visits to historic places related to the religious life of the city and anything that may help the participants practice their religion while the Youth Olympic Games take place.

Olympic Multifaith Prayer Room
Olympic Multifaith Prayer Room

The General Director of Worship, Federico Pugliese, will be available during these days for interviews with the media and other applicants that may request so.

Location of the Multifaith Centre inside the Youth Olympic Village: U28

Responsibilities of the General Directorate of Worship

The General Directorate of Worship assists the Head of Government in matters of religion, helps and backs all religious institutions in each of the demands and activities they may have, while working with them to promote Buenos Aires as a capital city of interreligious dialogue.

Federico Hernán Pugliese General Director of Worship
He is professor in Education Sciences and Philosophy, with studies in Theology. He has an extensive career as a coordinator and teacher.

Full-time advisor in the Education, Science and Technology commission of Buenos Aires Legislature.

He has been the General Director of Worship since 2015.

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Posted by Dirección General de Cultos on Thursday, August 30, 2018

Buenos Aires an Interreligious City

At the beginning of the 20th century, thousands of immigrants with different cultures and beliefs settled on these lands seeking new dreams. Together they made their way to grow and create new bonds of friendship that then turned into a tradition of coexistence and collaboration between cultures.

On these foundations and along the years, the City has built its multicultural and interreligious physiognomy.

Today Buenos Aires is a regional role model in matters of work between the different faith communities and the government, which makes it a City that stands out in encounter and interreligious dialogue.

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