Thank You Modi Ji at least you spoke – Asifa’s soul was shattered with the silence of PM

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Modi Meets Wax Clone of Modi
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No doubt you are PM of India and one of the best orator of this time in Indian politics. US Congress session gives you standing ovation President and Head of States across globe your well-wisher admires your dynamic leadership.

So as Indian we were proud we got a PM with spine upright and straight. But Sir it took so many hours to say few words for that unfortunate baby? You broke your silence after world broke over India? This is not expected out of Bradman of modern Indian politics.

If you can send Army to stop outside India terrorist with surgical strike who is stopping you to crack this internal terrorism.

I personally have a strong faith and hope over India’s golden future but at this moment cloud is dark over India and I do not want to get into political passing the buck game.

Your daughter has been raped and as Prime Minister, you must act. 

A party with a difference needs to be proved on the ground either govern get down but please bring the criminals under the law, bring the conspirators too.

Industries Minister Chandra Prakash Ganga and Forest Minister Lal Singh had addressed a rally in support of the accused by a group called the Hindu Ekta Manch in March.

It is good that your these two ministers who supported rapist had to resign but the question is why a person supported this act in the very first place? Is that the party with a difference?

You are prime minister of India, not a party.

“Congress Mukt Bharat Bane na Bane, Crime Mukt Bharat Chaiye Hume”

It could be a terror plot implanted by any vested interest group but at this moment you have to press the paddle hard to speed up the justice.

I am confident only you can do this. 

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