“Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians” – God of Off Side Sourav Ganguly and the Man of the Moment Virat Kohli chats with Boria Majumdar

11 God and 1 Billion Indians - Book Launch 2
11 God and 1 Billion Indians - Book Launch 2
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

7th April’ 2018, Kolkata:

How many times you get a chance to withness history very rare and one such moment was Book launch of Boria Majumdar, scholar and journalist and co-founder of the Fanatic Sports Museum, launched his latest book “Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians: The On and Off the Field Story of Cricket in India and Beyond on Saturday, 7th April, 2018 at ITC Sonar, Kolkata. The book has been published by Simon & Schuster, India.

The book was formally unveiled by Indian cricket captain and arguably the world’s best batsman at the moment, Virat Kohli and legendary former captain of India Sourav Ganguly. The launch also witnessed a crisp cricket adda between it the author and the two cricket legends, which threw up several unknown stories of the Indian game.

The launch was supported by Fanatic Sports, India’s premier sports tourism and experiential company. Speaking on the occasion, Present at the launch the founder of Fanatic Sports, Raghav Gupta said, “Boria is a remarkable sport’s scholar and journalist. Today on the launch of his latest book, I just want to wish him good luck. I look forward to reading the book.”

Speaking on the occasion, Indian Cricket Captain, Virat Kohli, commented “Firstly I would like to thank Mr. Boria for inviting me on the launch of Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians. As Dada mentioned, though the Book may be thick but is a detailed explanation of Indian Cricket history, as one should always know. I am sure that everyone who is reading this book will have an illuminative read.”

Congratulating Boria on his book launch Sourav Ganguly stirred up the discussion in a classic Dada style by elaborating on the 2002 shirt waving episode at the Lords Stadium and said, “I was elated with win and dragged Harbajan along in my celebration. Mean while I am sure, I will be there and you all keep the cameras ready, Virat will be the next captain waving his jersey at the Oxford Street for the 2019 ODI World Cup.”

And the last words were left to Boria who said, “The Main highlights of the event were Virat and Sourav, without whom this Launch wouldn’t have been possible. Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians is a documentation of Indian Cricket History by a fan for all the fans.”


“Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians” delves deep into every Indian cricket tour—taking the reader backstage to when India played its first test in 1932, and bringing the story forward to the more contemporary IPL—to provide a complex and nuanced understanding of the evolution and maturity of the game.

Equally, it comes with material that has never entered the public domain so far—going behind the scenes of cases like Monkeygate, the suspension of Lalit Modi, spot fixing and the phase of judicial intervention. It carries not just reportage and analysis but also player reminiscences, personal interviews, photographs and letters never known or discussed so far in Indian sporting discourse.

Weaving together such material, Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians” unflinchingly confronts questions that demand answering, among them: Has internal bickering impacted the on field performance of the Indian cricket team? Well, reading this book will give an insight into the factual details of what has been going around and what all is in practice till date.

 In the end, in telling the story of the role of cricket in colonial and postcolonial Indian life, and the interrelationship between those who patronize, promote, play and view the sport, Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians” unravels the story of a nation now considered the financial nerve center of world cricket.

Name of the Book: “Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians: The On and Off the Field Story of Cricket in India and Beyond”

Authored by: Boria Majumdar

Published By: Simon & Schuster, India (6th April, 2018)

Price: Rs. 699/- (Hardback)

Now available in India at every major book store and also on all the e-portals including Amazon and Flipcart.




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