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Dum Alu
Dum Alu
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

Dum Aloo (also spelled as Dam Aloo) or Aloor Dum (Bengali: আলুর দম, Hindi: दम आलू) is a potato-based curry dish. “Dum” means slow-cooked, and “aloo” is potato. It is a part of the traditional Kashmiri Pandit cuisine from the Kashmir Valley, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. There are also Banarasi and Bengali variations.

North Indian and Kashmiri Preparation:
The potatoes, usually smaller ones, are first skinned and deep-fried. Kashmiri dum aloo gravy is made with yogurt or khoya and often includes a cashew nut paste. The Banarasi variation gravy is made from tomatoes and onions. Spices such as red chilies, garlic, ginger, cardamom, and fennel are added to the gravies.

The potatoes are cooked slowly at low flame in the gravy and can be garnished with coriander. Dum aloo is often paired and served with naan.

Today, our celebrity cooking artist, screen name Chandrabati, as people call her with deep regards, shared her “Dum Aloo in Bengali style” recipe. Very simple in style, easy to cook, yet tasty to enjoy. Entire East and North East India and also in Bangladesh this style is very popular among people for Breakfast, and Dinner.

Dum Aloo Bengali Style:

  • Ingredients:
  • Potatoes-4pieces ( 2 medium size & 2 big size),
  • Onion( Medium size)-3pcs,
  • Green Chillis-4(Slitted),
  • Salt-1/2tbsp+ 1/2tsp,
  • Turmeric powder-1 tsp,
  • Cumin powder-1&1/2tsp,
  • Coriander powder-1&1/2tsp,
  • Red chilli powder -2tsp,
  • Sugar-1tsp(optional)+1/2tsp

Luchi & Alur Dum Bengali Style
Luchi & Alur Dum Bengali Style
Cooking Dum Alu Bengali Style
Cooking Dum Alu Bengali Style

Method :
1. Cut potatoes – big sizes into 6pcs & medium sizes into 4pcs
2. Chops onions roughly into small pcs
3. Heat 2 tbsp mustard oil in a pan & put 1/2 tbsp sugar into it when it becomes caramelized & turns into brown color then put potatoes into oil. Fry till potatoes become brown & then put onion (already sliced) and fry for 5-7 minutes.
4. Add turmeric powder, salt, cumin powder, coriander powder, red chili powder during frying
5. When spices are separated from oil & fried properly, then add 2cups water
6. Add 1/2 tsp sugar(optional) for better taste. Cook till potatoes boil properly approx 15mins.

Serve with plain Steamed rice/Paratha/Luchi(Puri)

At the author’s request, we have not published her real name. She is a very well-known face in Mumbai, India, in the culinary artistry world for her unique and elegant food presentation and taste, but if you want to talk with her kindly, send your emails to newsroom@ibgnews.com Subject: “Dum Aloo (আলুর দম) Bengali Style By কলাপাতায় কলরব © Feast on Banana Leaf.”

Dum Aloo (আলুর দম) Bengali Style By কলাপাতায় কলরব © Feast on Banana Leaf.



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