Face loss for Facebook and associated Apps – Down more than 3 hours with 5.33% share value dent


Facebook is down, along with Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Oculus VR. Surprise for many popular social networking Apps from Mike Zukerberg and Team is down. This leads to a 5.33% share price of Facebook went down today at NASDAQ. The Facebook team is having a tough time with media over the question on the safe usage of Apps for teenagers.

Till this report, three of the popular Apps are down for over 3 hours, and no sign of improvement soon. The result is a mixed bag. Some are happy to have personal time, while others are just like a fish out of water.

But nowadays these social apps have become a media of emergency contact as well, which could be a threat to some lifesaving services.

Share Value of Facebook as of 10 Oct 2021 at 12:20am IST

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