Banana Pitha (কলার পিঠা) Bengali Style from কলাপাতায় কলরব © Feast on Banana Leaf

কলার পিঠা - Banana Pitha Bengali Style
কলার পিঠা - Banana Pitha Bengali Style

Today’s Item is a delicacy from West Bengal & Bangladesh as a common sweet dish for the entire Bengali and Bangladeshi community across the globe. It has been admired by the legends of Bengali Art, Culture and something slowly became a delicacy in the south as well.

Bengali Traditional Desert – Bhapa Kalar(Banana) Pithe without rice version is today’s item from কলাপাতায় কলরব © Feast on Banana Leaf kitchen.

Traditionally, these banana fritters are sweetened with syrup made from gur or jaggery, which gives them a musky aroma and a dark brown color. This version uses maple syrup, which hits many of the same notes as those sweeteners. These fritters are fluffy and tender on the inside, crispy and craggy on the outside.         

When we asked about this item to our Mumbai Queen of Kitchen Chandrabati (her nickname given by friends) she jumped off and said “It’s my father’s recipe. I got it by inheritance. I changed it a little by adding Chocolate chunks, Melted Chocolate, Heavy cream to make it more tasty & interesting. Hope this welcome change will be liked by western world friends as well.

Normally in Bengali families, girls learn cooking from their mother, elder sisters, etc. but in my case it was different.

I learned cooking from my father & father-in-law. They had excellent skills of cooking.”

So, after few non-veg dishes, she had to do something for our Vegetarian friends too.

This sweet dish is for all to enjoy.

Bengali Traditional Desert – Bhapa Kalar(Banana) Pithe


  • Ripe(paka) Bananas – 2pcs.                
  • Caster Sugar – 1/2 cup.                      
  • Brown Sugar – 1/2 cup also Jaggary can be used                   
  • Wheat Flour(Atta) – 1 cup.                
  • Vegetable Oil(cooking oil) – 1/4 cup                                                       
  • Shredded Coconut – 1/4 cup            
  • Chocolate Chunks – 1/4 cup.            
  • Melted Chocolate – 1/8 cup.             
  • Heavy Cream – 1/4 cup.                    

Method :

  1. Mash two Bananas           
  2. Mix all ingredients- Mashed bananas, sugar- 2types, Flour, oil, shredded coconut together.                                            
  3. Now add Chocolate chunks to the mixture                                         
  4. Place the mixture into banana leaves, close and tie up by thread or using midrib of banana leaf         
  5. Place it into a Kadai & cook for 40 mins at slow flame (20mins each side)                                          
  6. After cooling, garnish it with melted chocolate and heavy cream

A great sweet dish ready in a short time to impress guests and family. Healthy food to enjoy by all.

At the author’s request, we have not published her name. She is a very well-known face in Mumbai, India, in the culinary artistry world for her unique and elegant food presentation and taste, but if you want to talk with her kindly, send your emails to Subject: “Bhapa Kalar(Banana) Pithe By কলাপাতায় কলরব © Feast on Banana Leaf.”

Bhapa Kalar(Banana) Pithe By কলাপাতায় কলরব © Feast on Banana Leaf.

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