Egg Paturi an Extravaganza for your taste buds

Egg Paturi By কলাপাতায় কলরব © Feast on Banana Leaf.
Egg Paturi By কলাপাতায় কলরব © Feast on Banana Leaf.

Egg Paturi an Extravaganza for your taste buds

The list of people who don’t like eggs probably won’t be a long one. From breakfast to dinner, eggs are everywhere. Omelette, fried or boiled, the way you cook it, the eggs easily turn into delicacies on their own. And if you add mustard, the taste of any food increases many times. Try a little pottery today. Paturi, of course, seems to be a fish. Vhetki, hilsa, shrimp … Bengalis know the taste of many other types of fish paturi. But today, keep the egg pot in the pan. Dim (Egg) Paturi is an everyday Bengali delicacy, where Egg is marinated in a special Mustard Sauce and steamed in Banana Leaf.

Bengali cuisine is always a sought after thing globally, even the Indian Curry went back to Europe through the British via Bengal. West Bengal in India and Bangladesh both holds the rights over Bengali recipes as a single cultural ethnic group.

Egg has high quality protein, fat, amino acid, various vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B (especially B2 and B12), vitamin D, vitamin E; various minerals like calcium, iodine, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, iron etc which are essential for your health in different ways.

So, post-Covid egg can be a good source of required nutrition in a cost-effective way.

History of Egg Paturi was once told by one of the Krishnanagar Rajbari cook in a private meeting that when Ilish Paturi, Vetki Paturi was very much popular among rich and affluent of Bengal, middle class and poor found a cost-effective  option that could be equally tasty and popular soon called Egg Paturi.

Same style followed and Bengal’s mass accepted the “Dim or Egg Paturi”. So almost Wazid Ali Shah’s Aloo in Biriyai of Kolkata and Egg Paturi an invention to match the classic counter part of fish Paturi in a cost effective Way. Murshidabad Nawabs were also very fond of this mustard and Egg Combination.

Chittogon and Barishal or Dhaka have slight difference in the process, but here we are offering more Indian style of cooking with little bit adding Potato as an added variety with the Egg Paturi.

Recipe from famous Mumbaikar originated from Kolkata, so the fusion have best of both of the world. 

This item is a Non Veg Food


Hard boiled eggs-6 pieces & 1 raw egg,

Potatoes-2 pcs,

Onion( Medium size)-2pcs,

Green Chillis-4(Slitted),

Black mustard seeds- 1tbsp,

Poosto(Poppyseeds)- 1tbsp,          

Garlic Cloves -5,



Turmeric powder-1/4tsp,

Cumin powder-1/2tsp,

Coriander powder-1/2tsp,

Red chilli powder -1tsp,


Method :

  1. Cut potatoes & onions into thin slices as per picture
  2. Divide boiled eggs into two pieces
  3. Make a paste of 1/2 onion,garlic, ginger, black mustard seeds,posto & 1 raw egg all together
  4. Heat 1 & 1/2 tbsp mustard oil in a pan & fry potatoes & onion (already sliced) for 5-7 minutes
  5. Added turmeric powder , salt, cumin powder,coriander powder, red Chhili powder during frying

  6. Now mix paste( already prepared)fried potatoes & onions, 1tbsp mustard oil, sugar all together.

  7. Put layer of above mixture on banana leaves and place divided boiled egg pieces on that & repeat same process again. Combine together & close the leaves by thread.

  8. Place it in a Kadai and put on gas (slow flame) & cook for half an hour . Each side 15mins.

  9. Serve it with plain boiled rice.

You can use Plumkin Leaf as packageing material in that case you can have that entire thing with a little twist in the taste.

At the author’s request, we have not published her name. She is a very well-known face in Mumbai, India, in the culinary artistry world for her unique and elegant food presentation and taste, but if you want to talk with her kindly, send your emails to Subject: ” Egg Paturi By কলাপাতায় কলরব © Feast on Banana Leaf.

Egg Paturi By কলাপাতায় কলরব © Feast on Banana Leaf.

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