The USA and Changing Politics in Global History as World can see how it is shaping up

World Politics
World Politics

The USA and Changing Politics in Global History as World can see how it is shaping up

By Udit Bhaskar Roy

In the recent past, the world is flooded with development in Afghanistan (no pun intended). Critics are crying foul over Joe Biden and the setback to US hegemony.

So the question is why the USA is gradually faltering?
However, I feel the USA is not faltering. Then why this fundamental change in the USA’s foreign policy? Now let us rewind a few centuries. Who inhabited? The Red Indians. How Global were they? A notorious question. So how come the Supremacist USA evolve?

Well, it is because of the White invaders. Right?
From here, I take history forward.
The whites basically believe in using brute power to gain and maintain their supremacy.
Within Whites, there are 2 categories- Islanders and Mainlanders. Among them the islanders are more extreme.
There are reasons for that:- Island made them connosuier of seas and provided them with unique protection from invaders.
So if we see history, Britain ruled the world till WW2 and then the USA became the next ruler.

The decline and it’s cause:-
However, with the passage of time, the whites brought in slaves from Africa who settled down and gradually started changing the complexion of these 2 countries.

Then in the last 5 decades, they also imported huge quantities of highly skilled Asians. The combination of the Black and Brown populations started overwhelming the White Supremacist population. Hence, the mindset of the USA underwent a paradigm mindset. So, just as Ashoka changed from Digvijay to Dharmavijay, similarly the USA is undergoing the same metamorphosis and also England.

So how is history unfolding:-
The white Supremacist unrelentlessly pursued the fall of the Soviet Union and succeeded. But with leaner and meaner power structures, Russia has formed an axis with China/Iran/North Korea.

So, as a result, not a bird can fly in the USA+Nato+Japan+ Saudi Arabia + South Korea without coming on the radar of The Asian Axis.

The cooling of the Supremacist USA due to the change of color of the skin over the last 3 decades has irreversibly altered the rules of the game.

So the USA is now in a spot and simply doesn’t know how to wriggle out.

Hence QUAD:-
The USA+Nato+Japan+ Saudi Arabia+ South Korea+Australia+India.

Now, even a single bird from China+Russia+Iran+ North Korea will be able to fly without coming to the USA’S radar.

So, what do you think may happen in the next 10 years?

Keep following how the Big Ticket Financial Bulls are planning to shape the World without consulting the majority and the ethical standpoint from a civilized society’s point of view……

Udit Bhaskar Roy
Udit Bhaskar Roy

Udit Bhaskar Roy, a busy management guru with over 3 decades of business development expertise in MNCs. His lab skills during the Physics classes at Motijheel College always get reflected in his critical quantum analysis of the situation. Apart from a die-hard fan for music and classical literature, He loves to click some wonderful moments through the digital eye & lenses. Iron hand administrator, yet affectionate enough to be admired by all.

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