Beginning of end

Birds of Sunderban
Birds of Sunderban
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav
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Beginning of end

Dr.Palash Bandyopadhyay


Once upon a time
This earth was a valley of flowers
With singing birds,
And rainbow clouds.
Those are still there,
But not we,
With our colour, smell and song.
Our whims have stolen them all.

We had rivers,
With crystal clear water,
And turbulence of waves.
Had shiny days,
And dreamy moonlight in full moon.
Had whisper of south wind,
In the twilight of spring.
Those are still there.
But not our dreamy eyes.
Our whims have stolen them all.

There was peace of silence
And rhythm of love.
Dignity of honesty and
Affection of emotion.
Memories of sweet moments and
Light of hope.
We have lost them all,
By our whims.

Still, we the megalomaniacs think, we are the most trusted biped
In this sinking world.
Tragedy always Snatches
the crown of civilian dynasty

At the beginning of end.

Dr Palash Bandopadhyay
Dr Palash Bandopadhyay

Dr. Palash Bandopadhyay popular pediatrics expert with Post Graduate of Pediatric Nutrition,(Boston University). Doctor, Author, Poet, and a beautiful mind. He, always a great content provider for the readers with value to the core of the subject.

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