Greetings on 650th anniversary of Kaluga

Vladimir Putin President of Russia
Vladimir Putin President of Russia

Greetings on 650th anniversary of Kaluga

Vladimir Putin congratulated the residents of Kaluga and Kaluga Region on the 650th anniversary of the city.

Russia 28 August 2021

“The history of this city has been written by generations of your fellow Kaluga residents – brave fighters and skilled craftsmen. It is carefully preserved on the pages of ancient chronicles, in beautiful churches and monuments, unique museum and archival collections, the names of Kaluga streets and squares. Kaluga is also rightfully considered the cradle of cosmonautics, because it was the place where the great thinker Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a scientist and inventor, lived and worked.

It is important that Kaluga residents respect the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of their ancestors and contribute to the development of their city, their region and the entire country. Today’s Kaluga is a beautiful, comfortable and hospitable city with high industrial, scientific and educational potential, and an up-to-date social and transport infrastructure. It is a forward-looking city that has retained its originality.”

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