Gems of YouTube – How Atomic Theory was conceptualized in Ancient India ~2600 years ago

Atomic Minerals
Atomic Minerals
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Atomic reaction and  Structure by Wikipedia
Atomic reaction and Structure by Wikipedia

A film on how Atomic Theory was conceptualized as part of Vaiseshika Philosophy in Ancient India ~2600 years ago. Vaiseshika Sutras are the World’s oldest written records on Atomic Theory, much before the Greeks conceptualized Atom. Here is a fact based doc film on it!

Project SHIVOHAM is a micro documentary channel about the distant, forgotten and most importantly glorious past of India. Our intention is to contribute to preserving the heritage of India by researching on Ancient Indian Scriptures in the fields of Science, Technology, Philosophy, Literature, Mathematics etc, and present in a micro documentary format to everyone.

If you know the past correct your future is protected against all intelectual invation from time to time.

Project SHIVOHAM has been doing great by doing Samudra Manthan for Ancient India and her lost knowledge.

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