AMTRON joins hands with Israel’s Corsight AI for facial recognition technology


AMTRON joins hands with Israel’s Corsight AI for facial recognition technology

N.J. Thakuria,Guwahati: The aviation and also defence sector of the country may expect a high-resolution outcome as Assam electronics development corporation limited (AMTRON) has joined hands with an high-profile Israeli company to  establish a strong face recognition technology development and services portfolio along with setting up a facial recognition centre of excellence at Guwahati Tech city.

AMTRON, an Assam government undertaking which functions as the nodal agency of the information technology department for implementing various projects in the State, along with I-Sec as its exclusive strategic partner has recently  signed a tripartite memorandum of understating with Corsight AI of Israel, which has expertise on creating facial recognition technology with higher speed, accuracy and privacy.

With this collaboration, AMTRON aspires to provide facial recognition services, capacity development, research & skilling services to the Union government, State governments, its allied organizations and public sector undertakings following rapidly evolving demand for facial recognition technology in the country. Similarly, I-Sec continues to offer state of the art emerging technologies and solutions for various sectors from defence to space technologies.

It may be mentioned that Corsight AI, a leading facial recognition technology provider empowered by Autonomous AI, is dedicated to create the most advanced artificial intelligence system backed by more than 250 patents. It provides facial recognition solutions for the most challenging conditions such as, recognizing faces in extreme angles, moving crowds, low quality images, partially covered faces and even in nearly complete darkness along with personal privacy protection.

Corsight AI works with enterprise clients and government agencies in a variety of industries including aviation and homeland security, law enforcement, retail, entertainment, securing public premises such as large government offices, airports, ports, oil & natural gas installations, industrial estates, defence, railway stations, large public gatherings and many more applications in public safety and policing.

“We are proud to be working with AMTRON and I-Sec, as we roll out the most advanced facial recognition technology across the nation, to protect the public from harm and also improve security and safety,” commented Corsight AI chief executive officer Rob Watts adding that Corsight AI software is recognised in the western world, as the market leader for both speed and accuracy, but also for privacy and ethical standards.

I-Sec managing director  Amita Singh expected that  the initiative would bring fruits on the comprehensive and strategic development of human capital intelligence, training, innovation centre in various sectors. She pointed out that a major change in secured data privacy models in near future with integration of such robust technologies would be experienced.

On the other hand, AMTRON managing director  MK Yadava commented that there are lots of privacy-related issues to be addressed in day-to-day functioning of the government. He opined that with this alliance, the defence and aviation sector I India would highly be benefited as a major change in secured data privacy models with integration of robust technologies in near future is coming up.

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