President Putin Condolences over the death of the Ilyushin Il-112V crew

Ilyushin Il-112
Ilyushin Il-112

Condolences over the death of the Ilyushin Il-112V crew

The President of Russia sent a message of condolences to the families and friends of the Ilyushin Il-112V aircraft crew members.

The Russia,17 August 17 2021

President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolance over the sad accident.

“Nikolai Kuimov, Dmitry Komarov and Nikolai Khludeyev were courageous people, true heroes and professionals. They belonged to the cohort of trailblazers who tested the most complicated equipment and made a huge contribution to the advancement of Russian aviation.”

The Ilyushin Il-112 (Russian: Ил-112) is a high-wing light military transport aircraft being developed by Ilyushin Aviation Complex (JSC IL) for air landing and airdrop of military air cargoes, equipment and personnel. The aircraft is being manufactured by Voronezh Aircraft Production Association in Voronezh.

Media report mentioned that United Aircraft’s prototype flight-test Ilyushin Il-112V military transport has crashed during a training flight near Moscow possible cause may be an in-flight engine fire.

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