“Udhao Moner Pakha” a celebration on World Environment Day by Sristi Dance Academy

"Udhao Moner Pakha" a celebration on World Environment Day by Sristi Dance Academy

Celebration of World Environment Day Through Tagore Songs

Sristi Dance Academy organized a special concert called “Udhao Moner Pakha” to celebrate world environment day from their official fb page. Celebration of nature through Rabindranath’s songs, poems, dances. This special event was organized under the supervision of eminent dancer Indrani Ganguly.

Pandit Prodyut Mukherjee, Ayanangshu Mukherjee performed in Tabla-Sarod duet Eso Shyamal Sundar, Tagore song was sung by Riddhi Bandopadhyay (Aji Tomay Abar Chai Shunabare), Jayati Chakraborty (Hridoye Mandrilo Damaru Guru Guru), Sidhu (Jodi Tare Nai Chini Go Seki), Satinath Mukherjee read out a piece from Rani Chanda’s writing about the environment of Santiniketan was like in the past, Reshmi Mitra recited Sonar Tari,Avirup Sengupta & group performed a dance Eso Shyamal Sundar and Indrani’s students Sutrishna Mandal, Reshma Das, Payel Saha, Srijani Manna performed dances.Indrani Ganguly said, “Everyone is under house arrest now. I wanted to organize an event on this special day.There is no way out yet, so we had to organize it online. Our program of that day was about celebrating nature through Rabindranath’s songs that had been expressed in various ways. “

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