SBI refused to disclose Top 100 defaulters – Is public money free?

Raja Mukhopadhyay and Rajib Nath Roy of All India Hindu MahaSabha
Raja Mukhopadhyay and Rajib Nath Roy of All India Hindu MahaSabha
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A recent RTI petition to SBI made by Rajib Nath Roy a social activist and Youth Leader of Indian politics shows that people are playing with common-man’s money to send benefits to the big Corporates.

State Bank of India “Bankers to Every Indian” refused to list out the name of 100 Top Big Ticket defaulters in the Bank’s book.

In the RTI reply to the petitioner SBI said citing different clause tried to hide and protect the interest of fraudsters who have made the public fund into a NPA unit. Even NCLT’s recent order showed the hair cut up to 95% for many big customer amounting to thousands of crores of rupees.

Please see the live explanation on these RTI given by Hindu MahaSabha National Observer for West Bengal Mr. Raja Mukherjee:

Hope SBI will raise this questions with the right stake holders and find out how it is possible that with Mainframes like IT infrastructure they are not able to accumulate the data of the 100 elite defaulters who are now enjoying with the public money and people are paying 100 Rs per litter petrol and 200 Rs cooking oil to meet the bills of the Oil debts of helpless Government.

The Ministry of finance and CAG office must check if 1992 BR crisis is in new form and figure.If these 100 defaulters money recovered, then no oil bond crisis will hit the average person.

India is waiting for the answer is public money free for SBI and other banks?

Mr. Raja Mukherjee, National Observer for West Bengal for Hindu Mahasabha said he will be more than happy to take this matter to the next level of justice if not taken seriously by the management of SBI in the peoples’ interest of this great nation.

The question remains: will this type of issue really matters for the people who manage the public money or all can be let it go attitude in all corner of the society. If just one Bank RTI is scared or hand tied because of rules what will happen to entire Indian Banks and Public lending institutions total list if any such big ticket defaults. It is not SBI as one institution if as per RTI they can not disclose the matter out of legal protocol then it is really worry some issue for entire Financial market.

We will be expecting a white paper from ministry and all stakeholders to clear any doubts if any in any such matter.

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