BLA claims international intervention to release three hostages captured by them in Balochistan

Map of Balochistan with Quetta District highlighted
Map of Balochistan with Quetta District highlighted

Pakistan occupied Balochistan based Balochistan Liberation Army in a press release told the world that they have abducted three telecom company workers working for Chinese companies and their subcontractors and will not release them until international community and organizations like United Nations and Red Cross are being engaged for negotiation. Day by Day security conditions of Balochistan are deteriorating and fractions demanding for freedoms are falling in to armed struggle path which is dangerous for any region’s peace.

Pakistan not listening to the demands and pain of Baloch people on ground reality basis. All humanitarian activity has halted in this region and people are suffering under the Pakistani regime that’s what BLA is demanding. All peace-loving people of the region wanted to resolve the issue and release of the 3 people who are still in BLA custody.

People of Balochistan demanding for last 75 years that they have been occupied by Pakistan just after the British left Indian subcontinent in 15th Aug 1947 and Pakistan illegally occupied their territory which Pakistan denied at every stage but peoples reality is nothing but 75 years of misrule and suffering.

The intimation to the world press came from BLA:

We will only release the workers of telecom company arrested in Margat Chokhobi Wadh under the responsibility of international organizations, including the United Nations and the Red Cross. BLA.

On June 26, our fighters arrested six laborers who were installing a mobile tower and set fire to the company’s machinery and other equipment in Margat Chokhobi Wadh area of ​​Quetta, Occupied Balochistan. 

The arrested three laborers Gul Shah Khan, Abdul Aadi and Mehraj belonging to Quetta, Zhob and Qila Saifullah were released on the same day while the other three workers, Muhammad Yusuf, resident of Quetta, Amanat Ali, resident of Gujrat, Punjab, Rehmatullah, resident of Qila Saifullah, who were found suspicious, are still in the custody of BLA.

Various telecommunication companies in Occupied Balochistan have been repeatedly warned not to act as facilitators in carrying out the expansionist ambitions of the imperialist powers. (Pakistan & China) 

China, in collaboration with Pakistan, has set up a telecommunications network and is using other telecom companies, including Huawei, and subcon companies, (Netcom, Exeleron, ZTE) to spy in occupied Baloch territory. All of these projects are being funded through a well-organized project under the “Universal Service Fund”. 

China has already to some extent implemented its economic and military ambitions against the will of the Baloch nation in the coastal city of Gwadar in occupied Balochistan, where the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project has been threatened by Baloch Baloch militants, due to which China and Pakistan are constantly trying new methods for Baloch genocide. 

Telecom companies are installing mobile towers in uninhabited hilly areas of Balochistan at the behest of Pakistani military. Under the guise of these telecom companies, China and Pakistan exchange secret information about Baloch freedom fighters which intensifies the ongoing Pakistani military aggression and the abductions of Baloch youths in occupied Balochistan.The workers arrested in Margot Chokhobi Wadh were part of the same exploitative scheme.

Our organization has decided that If the United Nations or other international organizations, including representatives of the Red Cross in Geneva, take responsibility for the detained workers within 10 days on the condition that they will not re-engage in such projects again, then they will be released. Otherwise, they will be brought before the Baloch National Court for non-compliance. 

Azad Baloch, Spokesperson for the BLA. Release including Photos as received from the source.

We request to all concerns that kindly solve the issues in a peaceful and acceptable way to all concerns. Any people suffering due to apply of external forces is always a human crisis and we must stop the same.

Published under freedom of expression.IBG NEWS does not support any terror activity anywhere. Peaceful solution to human problem is welcome. We request UN and other peace-loving people to join hands and get these men released to restore peace.

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