Congratulations to UN Presidential post winner Abdullah Shahid the Foreign Minister of the Maldives

Maldives Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid
Maldives Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav
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India is the winner in UNO. After six months of India-China intense diplomatic conflict is over.

Congratulations to Abdullah Shahid the Foreign Minister of the Maldives, a close ally of India, who has won the presidential election of the 7th session of the UN General Assembly. But India is much happier than the Maldives for a different reason altogether. Why India is so happy with the victory, there was a celebration at the diplomatic level in India. All greeted him along with the foreign ministry officials, including the Indian foreign minister.

“Behind the Scenes” This election is a direct battle between the Republic of India and Communist China. At first, Shahid, the foreign minister in Ibrahim Shali’s government close to India in the Maldives, stood alone before the election. Then China made a big move. From Afghanistan, Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister Jalamai Rasool was made a rival. Now understand the equation at global level.

Great relations between India and Afghanistan and Maldives. Maldives’ relations with Afghanistan are not so good. And Afghan-China relations are normal and stable.

So India has a dilemma problem of diplomatic relations here. India does not want to hurt either country. India then approached Afghanistan at the secret diplomatic level and asked Afghanistan to cooperate.

Simply put, India could convince Afghanistan that India will work for Afghanistan in the United Nations, even if it opposes the presidential election at this point in time.

Meanwhile, Pakistan and China started slandering the Maldivian foreign minister. Although India has successfully used American super shot. India and the US simultaneously play their diplomacy extensively for the Maldives. As a result, India extended its monopoly over the entire electoral.

The Maldives has assumed none UN responsibility posts earlier. So the demand to give Maldives a chance is more mature.

Maldives Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid has won three-quarters of the vote. 143 countries voted for him. There were 48 against. And there was no one absent.

So can we draw the inference that China has lost credibility with a role so-called COVID pandemic creator so as Pakistan as a terror creator state? Well, only time can say but for now Celebration for Maldives and India as well.

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