JAGATGURU(2021) – Buddha Chetana Mancha pays tribute to Lord Buddha through Assamese song


Miranda Choudhury the cultural Editor IBG NEWS and a famous ICCR member Folk singer artist from Guwahati sung a beautiful song in Assamese on a tune very famous in Bengal and Assam for Goddess Laxmi and the Bengali version of the tune found in the song is “Eso Maa Lakshmi Boso Maa Ghore” wonderfully improvised into a Buddha Prayer Kirtan in Assamese named JAGATGURU(2021) in YouTube.

JAGATGURU(2021) is probably the first Assamese Buddhist Kirtan. The song is presented to us by ‘Buddha Chetana Mancha’

Buddha Chetana Mancha is a group of people inspired by Buddha and his teachings who works for propagating Buddhist philosophy in Assam as well as in India. The group consists of people from many religions but is bound by a common thread of the teachings, philosophy, and life of Mahapurush Gautam Buddha.

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………. Credits ……….

Miranda Choudhury

Lyrics and Composition:
Saumyadeep Datta

Music Direction, Recording, and Mixing:
Kabindra Dass (Bablu)

Backing Vocals:
Miranda Choudhury
Prince Choudhury
Aoyan Indra Das

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