Covid-19 Pandemic Responsibilities of Common People

Dr Palash Bandopadhyay
Dr Palash Bandopadhyay

Covid-19 Pandemic Responsibilities of common People

Dr.Palash Bandyopadhyay,Kolkata,17.05.2021

Covid-19 is a disease caused by the Corona virus which has spread globally and many lives lost because of it. It has got a wide range of manifestations from mild to severe and symptoms to differ in persons. Let the medical scientists think over its medical solution, and better let us only be aware regarding our responsibilities as common people.

Human body is the target of this virus.It enters within us through mouth and nose by coughing and sneezing of affected persons nearby.So we have to mask up our nose and mouth cavity correctly to avoid forceful entry of the virus into us which is mixed with cough and sneezing particle of infected persons.
Cough and sneezing particles mixed with the virus can travel up to six feet in the air. So the safe distance between two persons is six feet. Maintain it.
We touch our face many a time in a day with or without purpose which includes mouth, nose, eyes. So if it’s dirty and contains a virus, it enters our body through our mouth or nose. So clean it properly with soap or a right-hand sanitiser. Your Doctor would guide you.
Avail it when your turn comes. Your Doctor or Health care provider would guide you regarding the gap between the two doses. Vaccine fight against the virus entered inside your body. Even if you are infected by the large numbers of virus overpowering the vaccine’s ability, still it would be mild, if the virus is not resistant aptly to the vaccine.
Take a balanced diet that contains adequate quantities and qualities of every component of food, like carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, Fibres. Food makes each of your body cells nourished and strong to fight against odds. Use only freshly cooked food at your home and use fruits after washing adequately with water. Packed foods to be avoided as possible.If not, make the pack sanitized with a sanitizer beforehand.
If use restaurant food, make it heated with microwave for at least 2 minutes. Drink at least 3 litres of water in temperate and 5 litres in a tropical country to make yourself adequately hydrated.
Do Physical exercise regularly as per your capability.
Exercise nourishes each of your body cells with sufficient food and oxygen by good work of heart and lung. Your body cells are the units of your bodily resistance. Do Breathing exercise also to strengthen your lungs. Do ‘meditation’ to make you calm. Relax yourself with light movies, light books, songs.
These are harmful for your lung
Eight hours of sleep or rest is ideal for your body.
Rest keeps your brain in excellent condition to give the command to the rest of your body and it also keeps your body in excellent condition to carry out commands given by the brain.
‘Stress hormone’ makes your heart and lung excited if you are tense, which makes your cell nourishment by oxygen and food, inadequate making them under working in a crisis. It also makes you feel short of breath and palpitating.
Firstly take a bath with soap and shampoo. Keep all outside clothes in a closed container. Sanitize your Mobile cover, Pen, watch Spectacles adequately. Only after that, touch anything inside your house.
Make it a strict habit.
Avoid tours and travels, avoid going outside without cause in this pandemic situation.
Consult your Doctor and take advises.No self-medication. These would only do harm to you. Don’t hesitate to make yourself admitted to a hospital if the expert advises
Be strict in it. Impose your near and dear also to follow it. They better know what to do and what not to, not you.
If you have got any chronic disease like Diabetes, Hypertension, Chronic Kidney disease, Cancer, Hormonal abnormalities, Bronchial asthma, handle all of these with extra care,
otherwise, these may make things more complicated.

●DONT UTTER ANYTHING TO ANYBODY REGARDING DISEASE FACTS which you don’t know. It only makes the Care providing system complicated.

To overpower any Pandemic situation is the joint and dedicated effort of Common people, Experts, Government, and Administration. Please keep it in mind.

Author: Dr. Palash Bandopadhyay, popular pediatrics expert with Post Graduate of Pediatric Nutrition,(Boston University). Doctor, Author, Poet, and a beautiful mind. He, always a great content provider for the readers with value to the core of the subject.

***In popular demand of his Bengali guide on COVID-19 has been covered in English as well.***

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