The BLA claims responsibility for the attack on Pakistan Navy personnel in Gwadar


The BLA claims responsibility for the attack on Pakistan Navy personnel in Gwadar.

Attack on Pakistan Navy personnel in Gwadar has been claimed by BLA Azad Baloch. Balochistan is a controversial territory under Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan as claimed by many Balochistan citizens worldwide. But politically over seven decades, this area is under captured by Pakistan. The life of Balochistan people is getting worse day by day due to conflict in the area and now turning violent from both the side.

Again bloodshed and again loss of life again a source of tear this time at Pakistan side and may be in future it will be retaliated too, with even bigger blood shed. United Nations and other humanitarian groups must help Balochistan issue resolve peacefully.

Azad Baloch, Spokesperson for the BLA Azad Baloch

BLA Press statement below:
Saturday around 5pm, our freedom fighters attacked the vehicle of Pakistan Navy Special Unit “Quick Reaction Force” (QRF) with modern and automatic weapons on Ganz Road, in the coastal city of Gwadar, Jiwani.

As a result, 4 personnel including Sohail, Raza and Noman were killed while 2 personnel were seriously injured.
BLA operatives targeted the Navy personnel as they were going from Jiwani to Ganz Naval Base.
Our organization, the Baloch Liberation Army, claims responsibility for the attack.
We have the capability to target Pakistani forces anywhere and anytime. 

Pakistan’s navy is at the forefront of colonizing the coasts of Balochistan, including Gwadar, which not only seeks to bring about large-scale demographic change by evicting the Baloch people from the coastal areas of Balochistan in collaboration with China but together, they are also building a naval base in Baloch sea.

Pakistan occupies Balochistan and no occupier can develop a subjugated nation. For thousands of years, the Baloch Sea provided a living for Baloch fishermen on the shores of Makran, and today the children of Balochistan cannot go fishing in their sea.

The Pakistan Navy conducted six-day international Military exercise in the sea of Balochistan a few weeks ago and the occupying navy of Pakistan claimed that Pakistan protects the interests of other countries through the geo-strategic location of Balochistan. The world powers and all the nations of the region have to understand that Pakistan’s navy on the shores of Balochistan is not safe from the attacks of our fighters, so how can it sustain the interests of another country in occupied Balochistan?

The Pakistani state is using various tactics to create artificial conditions in the areas connected to the CPEC project, including Gwadar, and create difficulties for the common people so that the Baloch population could migrate from such areas. All these plans are a state conspiracy to change the proportion of the population of Balochistan, which we will thwart with our strength.  

All the projects related to CPEC are on our target, and international investors should refrain from investing in such projects.
Such attacks of ours will continue till the establishment of a sovereign Baloch state.
Azad Baloch, Spokesperson for the BLA

*** Published under freedom of Expression. However, we condemn any terror act at any part of the world and will request all to follow the peaceful way to solve any issue. ***

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