Dr. BU ABDULLAH – A man with a golden heart

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Dr. BU ABDULLAH- A man with a golden heart

Dr Bu Abdullah deserves the respect and the international recognition he has today is acclaimed as one of humanity’s inspirational leaders. Due to his superior reach and impact extended far beyond the Middle East, he continues to grow and share whatever he has earned. He is an exemplary person who leads by example by honoring multiculturalism, regardless of an individual’s ideology, citizenship, gender, or religion. He desires to spread and weave a vibrant tapestry that ties mankind in a shared vision for a better tomorrow. He has been and is still performing a decisive role in fostering the concerns of Non – Residents and ensuring communal unity among the NRI’s in the Gulf region. He makes it a point to be available for the masses without any personal gain.

Dr. Bu Abdullah a renowned Emirati businessman, philanthropist, social activist, and lawyer by profession has varied sides to himself. His expertise is of par excellence and is on a MISSION to empower every person & organization to achieve more and help flourish. It was his conscious efforts to reach the demanding position he is in today. Being trained at a military school, he matured on the right tones and skills of leadership, which encouraged him to be a competent professional and a successful businessman in life.

His philanthropic side was always there but the Coronavirus highlighted his act further. When people were losing their jobs and other means of living due to the coronavirus and were waiting for help and aid, it was he who presented himself as a helping hand without a thought. Dr. Bu Abdullah, presented a gift of 10,000 gloves, 10,000 masks and sanitizers to the people as a gesture to aid the needy.Dr. Bu is a firm believer in serving and committed to rising above all business matters and profits to serve the people. He wants to reach out to people in need and provide them with the basic amenities of food and education during these trying times, by being an active participant in the government’s effort to combat the Coronavirus Pandemic. He proudly announced the “WE WILL, WE CAN” campaign where his entire team of Bu Abdullah Group joined forces to strengthen and fuel the nation’s fight against Covid-19. With a 24/7 multi-prolonged approach, Bu Abdullah Group quickly mobilized efforts on ground zero to ascertain the needy are provided for and further worked relentlessly to be at the service of the community in India, Pakistan, UAE, and other Gulf countries. Realizing that during the lockdown not everyone is privileged or developed enough to have the opportunity of working from home, during this period of social distancing. The daily wage workers whose income flow has completely been on pause for weeks now and for days to come are suffering out there. In order to support them with daily essentials, he was quick to arrange and provide cooked meals, ready-to-eat food packets, food coupons and dry ration to community kitchens. The programme was also supported by many volunteers.

Dr . Abdullah is an active supporter of the United Nations System for a better world & the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2015 – 2030. he was also presented with a token of appreciation for his support to the use of Micro Algae Spirulina against Malnutrition and to save current and future generations from the scourge of malnutrition, hunger, poverty,violence and climate change.IIMSAM is one of the thirty Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGO’s) which are presently accredited as observers to the United Nations Economic and Social Council at UNHQ in New York and is an ardent promoter of United Nations, which is committed to the principles and praxis of universality and multilateralism through the UN system. Dr. Bu Abdullah was also the recipient of the “Most Socially Responsible Company Of The Year” for philantrophy, diversity, labour practices and volunteerism by H. E Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi and H. E Dr. Hind Bint Abdul Aziz Al Qasimi at the Fashion & Excellence Award Night, 2020 for his conscious efforts.

Dr. Bu Abdullah, has a strong belief that poverty and hunger has no religion or a specific community. Thus he does not see that he should donate to any certain ethnicity, but only towards Humanity.

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