Vladimir Putin congratulated all the members of KAMAZ Group of Companies on the 45th anniversary of manufacturing the first KAMAZ vehicle

15T528 transporter-loader missile vehicle for ICBMs on KAMAZ-78501 Platforma-O chassis - Photo by Wkipedia
15T528 transporter-loader missile vehicle for ICBMs on KAMAZ-78501 Platforma-O chassis - Photo by Wkipedia
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

Congratulations on 45th anniversary of manufacturing the first KAMAZ vehicle

Vladimir Putin congratulated the staff and veterans of the KAMAZ Group of Companies and its Director General Sergei Kogogin on the 45th anniversary of manufacturing the first legendary KAMAZ vehicle.

Russia,16 February 2021

“The construction of the KAMAZ Automotive Plant is rightfully considered one of the most ambitious and popular projects of the national automotive industry and an important contribution to strengthening the state’s economic and industrial might and defence capability. The enthusiasm and selfless work of designers, workers, engineers, and representatives of other professions who arrived on the banks of the Kama River from all over the country made it possible to accomplish all tasks as quickly as possible. On February 16, 1976, the first vehicle rolled off the main assembly line.

It is pleasing to note that the current generation of KAMAZ workers is carrying on the wonderful traditions of its predecessors in a worthy manner. Just like decades ago, extremely dedicated professionals, loyal to their careers and place of work, continue to do their jobs there. They generate bold ideas and truly innovative approaches and introduce advanced and largely unique technologies, including those for future manufacturing of unmanned remote-controlled vehicles. The enterprise’s management tirelessly prioritises efforts to improve the skills and professionalism of young specialists and to resolve topical social problems of employees.

KAMAZ now ranks among one of the leading world-famous manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks. Your vehicles actively operate in the construction, housing and utilities sector, at industrial and agricultural enterprises, and they account for a substantial share of the Armed Forces’ vehicle fleet. And, of course, we are genuinely proud of the famous and invincible KAMAZ-Master team which is our common asset.

I am convinced that you will continue to work conscientiously, set lofty and ambitious goals, score successes and manufacture vehicles meeting the most advanced safety, reliability and environmental standards, and that you will consistently promote your KAMAZ trucks on the global markets.”