Vivekananda Foundation is going to stand against anti-national forces

Vivekananda Foundation
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

5th Feb , Friday, Kolkata

Vivekananda Foundation is going to stand against anti-national forces

Some political parties have started playing a political games in the name of caste and religion in order to gain power for the forthcoming Assembly Election in West Bengal . For the sake of political gains, general public is misguided by foul trick and misleading by communal Forces. Some how to gain power, these political parties , mainly BJP is ready to compromise the pride of West Bengal . In this rapidly changing situation, The Vivekananda Foundation has decided to lead the people and aware the common man to protect the real values and dignity of Bengal’s and save the identity of their self-respect.

The chairman of Vivekanand Foundation Amlan Biswas said that the voters of the state will have to be careful about such political parties, who are using petty tricks to allure the voters by using dirty politics of caste and religion. The party which can call the farmer a terrorist can not trusted both soldiers and farmers, who are being killed under the regime of BJP in the country which believes in the slogan of Jai Jawan Jai Kisan. Only BJP can clarify who is behind the infiltration when the army men are there on the border determined to safeguard the country.

The Vivekanand Foundation’s national co-ordinator Pritpal Gill determined to check and such force which is bent upon gaining power by putting precious lives to the death. The Foundation appeals to the general public to handover power to those who can safeguard the pride of Bengal, the Central government is determined to defame Bengal and Punjab, whose contribution to the freedom struggle was commendable. The central govt is trying to make the people of the land of “Vande Mataram” understand the definition of Nationalism. The BJP is hungry for power, It tries to destabilize the state Govt, whenever it gets an opportunity. It has gain power in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh by playing petty tricks. It has also done best in Rajasthan and Maharashtra to destabilize the govt over there. We should all remain alert about such disguised communal forces. We should also maintain distance from such tainted and corrupt leaders who change their parties for saving their vested interests.

Such leaders join BJP to prove that they are honest. History is the witness to the fact that Bengal witnessed no religious riots after independence, but BJP is hell-bent upon inciting religious riots in Bengal for political gains. Uttar Pradesh spokesperson Raj Kumar Singh raised his voice in order to check the extremist forces which are bent upon harming the cultural and political heritage of Bengal.
The Vivekanand Foundation will work to disseminate political consciousness in entire India till 2024. Through the press conference, the Foundation announces “Mission RED FORT”.
Jai Bengal – Jai Bharat