“??????????” is out now on Zee Music Bangla

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

“??????????” is out now on Zee Music Bangla

By Abhijit Paul

Art, not an artist, it’s written in a very slow-burning inner conscious awakening way… some words must clarify what moment want at that very moment !!… narrative is representing a passionate man always taught by women…. love no one can justify to talk itself about beauty.. but hope give a chance to say, that “I Love You.”… love always creates a “Chakrabuho” where Rishab RB makes a magical moment with music. JJ Ronn justifies his lyrics and on-screen Ankita creates amazing featuring with Tamo jit and JJ Ronn.

Zee music release this original on the youtube channel. Audience support always reached artist encouragement… videography too good and supportive.

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Artist: JJ Ronn feat. Tamo Jit
Female Lead: Ankita Ghosh
Music: Rishab RB
Lyrics: JJ Ronn
Makeup: Mua Isika Biswas
Cinematography: Joyjyoti Pal
Album & Poster Design: Joyjyoti Pal
Edit & Concept: JJ Ronn
Mix & Master: Rishab RB
Recording Studio: Organic Music Studio

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