President Vladimir Putin condolences to French President Emmanuel Macron over the tragic terrorist attacks in the church of France

French-soldiers-guard-the-Eiffel-Tower-in-Paris - Photo by Wikipedia
French-soldiers-guard-the-Eiffel-Tower-in-Paris - Photo by Wikipedia

Vladimir Putin sent a message to President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron expressing heartfelt condolences over the tragic effects of the terrorist attacks in France.

Russia,October 29, 2020

“Special indignation is evoked by the cynical and cruel crime committed in the church. We have seen once again that terrorists are completely devoid of human morals. It is evident that the fight against international terror requires real pooling of efforts of the entire world community.”

Vladimir Putin reaffirmed the readiness of the Russian side to very closely interact with the French and other foreign partners in all fields of anti-terrorist activities.

The President of the Russian Federation also stressed that the Russians share the anger and sorrow of the French people and conveyed their most sincere sympathy to the near and dear ones of the victims.

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