TAX-Free Income for Best Teachers to have the best outcome of NEP 2020 – Request raised at SAIARD Webinar

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Start TAX-Free Income for Best Teachers – NEP 2020 cannot be successful with our taking cares of Gurus at every stage of Education

“India must respect Teachers with highest honour. Best Teacher and Teaching Support stuff must get Tax Free Income~ Suman Munshi, Chief Editor, IBG NEWS”

It is found to be true that education and the policy for developing all round skills in each and every nooks and corners of the knowledge Horizon is not an easy task.

Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and his team introduced NEP 2020  which is the new education policy 2020 for India right from the primary to post doctoral university level research educations.

After a long gap almost 34 years and new education policy has been tabled by government in July 2020 and since then a lot of discussions lot of arguments and counter arguments, webinar broadcast happening.

One such event organised by South Asian institute for Advanced Research and Development in short SAIARD for 2 days on 17th and 18th of October 2020.

An August presence  of almost 32 academician, professor’s, vice-chancellor’s, UGC representative were presented at the event right from the Jammu & Kashmir to down south Tamilnadu , from West Jaipur to the east Meghalaya almost every part of the country was represented by the 30 vice chancellors of eminent universities( you can see the attached dignity list for the reference) and depth the discussion went ( also you can refer up on that today’s 7-8 hours long discussion each day link given for the YouTube.)

In that webinar each and every professor’s vice chancellors academician expressed their valued suggestions:

  • How to improve upon the present process,
  • How to improve upon the total environment of the research and development,
  • How to improve upon the required segments of skills essential skills for market-ready students.  there is always and complain comes from the business community that the students are not readily employable which means there is something disconnect between the business need and the skills they acquire at the universities. universities which is suffering unhealthy social unrest at times which is impacting teacher-student relations

But with these two days discussion future solid suggestions came out and which will be forwarded to the central government and ministry of education for their kind consideration.

But the most important thing raised by the Chief Editor of IBG News Shri Suman Munshi was about the teachers and the teaching system.

He said “New education policy 2020 definitely improves any aspects of the present education system in India and which you have a long-term benefit no doubt about it. But the problem is something else, which may be going to stop the ultimate delivery of the fruits of this new education policy and that is the teachers or Gurus.”

“You cannot develop an education system without developing the condition of the teachers teaching staff, professors, and all who are supporting the education delivery mechanism.

Suman Munshi told the vice-chancellors and all the academician present that “Without improving the condition of the teachers and professors new education policy 2020 will have an inherent deep-rooted problem in the system first of all teachers and teaching staffs whoever associated right from the school to the universities must have the highest honourable position in the society as Gurus, which will lead India to the dream of becoming Vishva Guru again.

Next, the deserving teachers who process with eminent skills and most caring for the student care and adherence to the policy are paramount must enjoy tax-free income especially the professor’s teachers in the university’s vice-chancellors who are supporting the advanced research and development in their Institute.

Which will encourage good quality students to become teacher and professor not only the tax-free income but also they should have a reserve position, reserve seats in the hospitals. public transport and get a discounted rate to subsidize the canteen kind of specialty which armed forces are getting.

Also One Rank One Post One Pension One Pay(ORO4Ps) should be placed across all universities be it private or government across all colleges of India you cannot discriminate against any teachers Gurus and their effort in building future India.

At the same time teachers professors and Vice chancellors including all the stakeholders of the education system must be accountable for their activities that means a time-bound quality delivery quality output has to be ensured to become an eminent person in the society like a Guru. You also have to take some responsibility to attain that position in the society.

He also added that whenever a person nominated for the national and International Award for the educational work, a cultural work or any aspect of skills, he or she have to nominate at least one Guru from his or her school life, Intermediate stage, college life and university level to recognise that person who inspired him most to attain such a wonderful accolade.

Which will help the union government to recognise these person either living or dead and Honour them or their families whatever the case may be, as the eminent Guru of Indian education system.

He also told,”I want to make a specific request to the central government in this regard why can’t we make and ethical social responsible knowledge based system of education along with the NEP 2020 , which will create a bunch of students shining like diamonds in their skills at the same time a quality person with a passionate heart for India and her subjects.

We are happy to show that the discussion on national policy of education not only confined within the infrastructure people student mechanism but also, everything about the teachers Gurus their condition also needs to be improved in each and every aspect.

A world class teacher can only create world class students you cannot have a Formula One racing car with a scooter engine and teachers Gurus are the engine of the education system so you have to take care of this masterminds of Indian education system to become self-reliant Atmanirbhar Bharat in all respect.

Jai Hind.”