PM’s remarks at the start of the Monsoon Session of Parliament

Parliament house in New Delhi
Parliament house in New Delhi

Hello friends,

After a long hiatus, all of you are seen today. You are all skilled, aren’t you? Is there any crisis in your family too? Let God bless you.

The Parliament session starts today in a specific atmosphere. There is also corona, duty also and all MPs have chosen the path of duty. I congratulate, congratulate and thank all the MPs for this initiative.

The budget session had to be stopped ahead of time. This time also, twice a day, once the Rajya Sabha, once the Lok Sabha, the time has to change. Saturday, Sunday too has been canceled this time. But all the members have also accepted this, welcomed it and decided to continue on the duty path.

There will be many important decisions in this session, many topics will be discussed, and we all feel that the more discussion is held in the Lok Sabha, the more it is discussed, the more diverse the discussion is with the House, the more the content. The country also benefits a lot.

This time too, in that great tradition, we all MPs will join together and add value, I believe so. In the situation which is made of corona, we have to follow the precautions that have been informed about them. And it is also clear that there is no relaxation unless there is medicine. We want vaccine to be available from any corner of the world as soon as possible, our scientists should be successful as soon as possible and we can succeed in getting everyone out of this crisis.

This House has a special responsibility and especially this session has special responsibility, today when the brave soldiers of our army are on the border, with great courage, with courage, with high spirits, in the inaccessible hills. , And after some time the rain will also start. The faith with which they are standing, is determined to protect the motherland, these houses too, all the members of the house will give a message with a voice, with a sense, with a resolve – the country stands behind the army soldiers. Is, standing through Members of Parliament and MPs. The whole house stands behind the brave soldiers of the country with one voice; This House will also give a very strong message, all honorable members will give. I believe so. I would also urge you that in the Corona period you will not get the opportunity to go everywhere from the liberation as before, friends of your own. You will get the news, it is not a difficult task for you, but to handle yourself, it is my personal prayer to you.

Thank You Friends

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