Bird Man of Columbia Julio Delgado presents – A rare documentary on the Andean Condor

Julio Delgado
Julio Delgado

Andean Condor/ Vultur Gryphus (Birds / Wildlife Short Documentary) Condor de los Andes

A rare documentary on the Andean Condor.

Columbia,31 August 2020: The Andean condor is a South American bird in the New World vulture family Cathartidae and is the only member of the genus Vultur. Found in the Andes mountains and adjacent Pacific coasts of western South America, the Andean condor is the largest flying bird in the world by combined measurement of weight and wingspan.

Length: 100 – 130 cm (Adult)Class: AvesMass: 7.7 – 15 kg Encyclopedia of LifeFamily: CathartidaeScientific name: Vultur gryphusOrderAccipitriformes

Almost engendered in South America because of various reasons. A group of experienced Bird watchers made a film on the species to educate the world about the 10 feet wing span bird to the world.

#AndeanCondorShortDocumentary ,#AndeanBirds, #SouthAmericaWildlife Neotropical Birding pills are short Birding video documentaries about Colombian Birds. In this videos interesting info of Neotropical Bird species is shared with awesome footage taked in Birding Tours in Colombia. This episode is about the King of the high Andean skies, the Andean condor (Vultur gryphus).

We will share interesting info about: Andean Condor reproduction, Condor Flight and Condor conservation. With beautiful Andean Condor Flying shots.

My friend Julio Delgado from Columbia whom we call Bird man from Columbia made a remarkable work along with the friends to release this documentary on 30th August 2020.

An authoritative documentary of the rare bird from Columbia will enlighten your hunger for subject called ornithology.

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