First temple of Shree Jagannatha to become a reality in UK

UK Jagannath Temple
UK Jagannath Temple
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

First temple of Shree Jagannatha to become a reality in UK

New Delhi, August 21, 2020:  With the blessing of Maha Prabhu, the imprint of the first Lord Shree Jagannatha temple is being laid out in the United Kingdom (UK). A group of devotees have come together and pooled resources to build this temple. 

 Shree Jagannatha Temple, UK is a Religious, Charitable, Non-profit and Community Interest Company registered in England & Wales 

The temple is being built through the donations from the devotees and contribution by the local Indian population in UK as well as India. Shree Jagannatha Temple UK is planning to build a Temple structure along with spiritual place, knowledge center and Cultural and convention center etc. With the guidance of Spiritual leaders/Gurus and cooperation/ help from all devotees and like-minded organisations and Philanthropic public.

On the occasion of Shri Krishna Utsav held online, “Jagatguru Shankaracharya, Shree Jagannatha Dham Puri blessed the devotees and extended his support and guidance for the project. The ceremony featured lots of cultural activities and devotional singing by renowned artists. “

 We the bhakta’s of Lord Shree Jagannatha, attempt to bring the wider brotherhood under one common tree. Shree Jagannatha – means ‘Jagatara Natha’ (Lord of the Universe), is symbolic and brings everyone together.  

We call ourselves ‘bhakta’s’ or ‘sevakas’ of Lord Shree Jagannatha, spread across in various geographical locations in UK and India (Odisha, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Punjab and Delhi). Our diverse background and strong links to our roots in India unifies us in working for Lord Shree Jagannatha selflessly. 

 There are over 10 lacs Hindus in the United Kingdom, out of which a large proportion of Hindus are followers and devotees of Shree Jagannatha, spread across different communities. The world famous Ratha Yatra festival is religiously celebrated across different locations in the United Kingdom, without a dedicated Shree Jagannatha Temple.  

Our vision is to build a first of its kind Lord Shree Jagannatha Temple in the United Kingdom which will be the hub of enhancing spiritual, cultural, social and physical growth based on Hindu (Sanatana Dharma) principles of duty towards family and society.  

This will be the central place where we intend to pass the rich culture and heritage from our roots in India to our future generations here in the United Kingdom. 

Hindu worshippers across the United Kingdom regardless of class, caste, or sector will provide volunteer services to the local authorities and communities during pandemic or epidemic.

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