Online Solo Exhibition of Fine Arts by Kreative Minds

Kreative Minds

Due to this pandemic situation, Fine Art Artists are not getting a platform to show their art to common people through any exhibition, but this pandemic situation has given an option to explore your talent through virtual mode. Amrita Tiwary Founder and Instructor of Kreative Minds Bengaluru showing her artistic side and making lots of paintings in different subjects, Kreative Minds has organized an Online Solo Exhibition which has started from July 31st to August 31st, 2020 with different types of paintings in her online gallery. Amrita Tiwary an Artist said “Due to this pandemic we can’t stop ourselves to think beyond creativity, Virtual mode has given us a hope to present our art to the people and Kreative Minds trying to spread positive energy in the society by making all art lovers give the taste of art through different subjects of paintings through the online exhibition. In one painting Amrita has used watercolor for a painting to make subtle beauty of women, In another portrait artist has used watercolor to complete an artwork where she is trying to gives a message (The Strong tree providing shade for ages), In some our paintings she has used colors pencils and water paints. She is trying to give a message ” Life is all about blooming like a flower”. Amrita Tiwary gives inspiration to the other young artists too, as she thinks positively and creates art and craft in this situation. Even the students of Kreative Minds also think about creativity like their teachers, Kreative Minds now having more than 300 students

Kreative Minds

Kreative Minds is a growing institute for art and culture . Kreative Minds offers various forms of creativity including art, design, craft, music, and dance courses for one and all without any age barrier. Kreative Minds was founded by Ms. Amrita Tiwary in the year 2016 in Bangalore. In the past 4+ years it has been continuously focusing on increasing and growing the talent in the upcoming and budding Artists of the Southern region of India. In today’s date, Kreative Minds has been able to spread its wings overseas in California and Canada too. Kreative Minds is affiliated to the esteemed university of Art and Culture – Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh.

Pracheen Kala Kendra has its centers not only in India but in Asia, Australia, and USA.  We started with only 5 kids and today we are a family of 300+ learners (including all subjects). Kreative Minds started with only a Fine arts course and then it diversified into music and dance. Today the teams of teachers are also growing along with upcoming centres. We have our centers in 4 different areas in South Bangalore and 1 centre in Hyderabad. We also have online classes being conducted through the digital media in the USA and Canada. Kreative Minds’ focus is not in just teaching, but it focuses on teaching with fun and love. We focus on the technicalities of each work we do here. Our teachers are qualified in their field and they come with experience in teaching art and craft.

Kreative Minds conducts an exhibition at least twice a year, where we exhibit and sell the artwork and craftwork of the learners. The uniqueness of Kreative Minds is that we have not restricted the age for learners. Our learner’s age starts from 4 years old. As on date, we have many learners who fall under the age group of 40+ and we are proud to teach every learner of every age and of every background.  Well with the change in the platform of teaching due to unavoidable Noble Coronavirus, KM did not stop. Instead, KM immediately adopted the new platform of DIGITAL Teaching. We use Zoom and Skype platforms for all our classes.  Regular classes of Fine Arts, Hindustani Classical (Vocal), Kathak, Bharatanatyam, and Kuchipudi are all being conducted through an online platform. We have not restricted ourselves to only registered students of KM; we have opened our doors for non-registered interested learners too. For them, the course structure is designed differently as we are specific with the requirements and interests of those learners. Currently, classes of Fine Arts and Hindustani Classical are being conducted every weekend for learners across the country.   

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