Balochistan people greets people of India for laying the foundation stone of Ram Mandir

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav
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The secular, and democratic freedom-seeking 40 million Baloch people congratulate our Hindu brothers and sisters on today’s historic moment of laying the foundation stone of Ram Mandir construction which had been opposed by Radical forces sponsored by extremist religious forces of Pakistan army and ISI.

Approximately 500 years of wait eventually PM Narendra Modi government after a court verdict started the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodya, which shows that Indian culture is tolerance, obeys its judiciary and international laws whereas Pakistan blatantly had been violating international laws, the live example is targeting the mosque in Kalat when on 27 March 1948 the radical and fanatic army of Pakistan invaded free and sovereign state of Balochistan.

Pakistan army deliberately fired mortars and artillery on Kalat’s mosque which still has the signs of the bombing. Attacking the mosque in Jordan and Balochistan, killing 3 million Bengalis Muslims and butchering Afghan, Baloch Muslim civilians by Pakistan shows that Pakistan’s claim to speak about Babari Majdis, not for the representation of Muslims but is to use the Muslim card against India which is now ended. Muslim world particularly subjugated Baloch, Sindhi and Afghan nations are well aware of Pakistan’s misuse of Muslim card against India.

Baloch applauds the decision of the Indian Supreme Court to build Ram Mandir in Ayodhya because it will end Pakistan’s evil tactics in the Indian subcontinent. Pro Baloch freedom peoples expressed congratulation to Indian brothers and sisters, for having Ram Mandir and said

We assure you that once we regain our independence from Pakistani occupation, we both nations will be having symbolic and robust bilateral, economic, and brotherly relations. Greetings from Bharat Balochistan Forum a social media voice for Balochistan and Indian people.

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