The Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) has announced to launch ‘Aajoi TV YouTube Channel’ for worldwide awareness purpose

Baluch Leaders Protest Nuke Test by Pakistan in the World 3
Baluch Leaders Protest Nuke Test by Pakistan in the World 3
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

Occupied Balochistan, QUETTA, (Press Release), 25 May 2020: The Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) has announced to launch ‘Aajoi TV YouTube Channel’ for worldwide awareness purpose. It will release its first short documentary titled ‘Under the Shadow of Stolen bomb’ on 28th of May 2020. On 28 May 1998 Pakistan tested its nuclear bombs in Balochistan’s Chaghai hills and 30 May on the same year another Pakistan exploded another bomb at Balochistan district Kharan scaring and contaminating Balochistan forever.

The residents of the test site area still suffer mysterious incurable disease due to radiations and the aftermaths of Pakistan’s nukes. To defy this cruel act of Pakistan, every year on 28 May the Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) organised protest demonstrations against nuclear test in Balochistan and on a worldwide level. This year also FBM had scheduled public events in different cities of the world. However, because the pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus, FBM decided to make an informative documentary with actual facts and figures and to show the adverse effects of Pakistan ‘Stolen Bomb’ or as they named the ‘Islamic Bomb’. The informative documentary will show how the nuclear weapon was stolen from the Netherlands and tested in Balochistan in 1998 and later sold to North Korea, Iran and Libya.

The documentary contains an interview of the founder of Free Balochistan Movement Mr Hyrbyair Marri, Frits Veerman who is the director of Vecom Huizen Solar Houses Bike House and an old colleague of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan the ‘father’ of Pakistani nuclear bomb and Simon Schofield the Deputy Leader of the HSC’s security and defence division. Mr Marri was the first minister in the provisional assembly of (Pakistan Occupied Balochistan), who opposed the nuclear test in Balochistan in 1998. Currently, he is living in exile and advocates for freedom of Balochistan from the occupation of Pakistan and Iran. Mr Marri and his friends also drafted the Balochistan Liberation Charter (BLC) ‘a road map for free Balochistan’.

The article 73 of BLC in its starting sentence says, “Soon after regaining independence immediate action will be taken for the complete removal and eradication of all nuclear activities in Balochistan.” Hyrbyair Marri will briefly tell the Baloch perspective regarding the nuclear test and will also present a solution for disarmed Pakistan by liberating occupied Balochistan. Mr Veerman is the director at vecom Huizen solar Houses Bike houses, and an old colleague of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, who stole the technology from the Netherlands.

Mr Veerman had informed the Netherlands’ government about Qadeer khan suspicious activities. But, before any action from the Netherlands government, Mr AQ Khan went back to Pakistan for a vacation in the 1970s and never came back. Simon Schofield is the Deputy Leader of the HSC’s Security and Defence division. He is a Conservative activist with extensive experience working both in Parliament for an MP and also as a political adviser in local government, having graduated with First Class Honours in British Politics and Legislative Studies at the University of Hull. A vibrant campaigner, Simon has been a part of several successful campaign teams including Matthew Grove’s successful bid for Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner. His main research interests are national security, intelligence and counterterrorism, having carried out research into drone attacks and targeted killing as counterterrorism policies and completing a dissertation on nuclear terrorism. T

he documentary will be live on the 28 May 2020 (European Time: 3 pm, Pakistan: 6 pm, India: 6.30 pm, U.S (Eastern Time) 9 am, and the UK time: 2 pm.

Hyrbyair Marri Baluch Leader
Hyrbyair Marri Baluch Leader



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