First National Webinar on Men’s Health

Dr. Raman Tanwar from Urocentre Organized the First National Webinar on Men’s Health
Dr. Raman Tanwar from Urocentre Organized the First National Webinar on Men’s Health

Dr. Raman Tanwar from Urocentre Organized the First National Webinar on Men’s Health

24th May 2020: Dr. Raman Tanwar from Urocentre in association with the Urological Society of India and the Indian School of Urology organized a national webinar on Men’s Health for urologists across the country and the world. This web seminar which lasted for two and a half hours attracted more than 1000 urologists from India as well as other countries like USA, Italy, France, Germany and SAARC nations. The purpose of this webinar was to sensitise urologists regarding Men’s Health and to mark the beginning of the Men’s Health Month in June.

Dr. Raman Tanwar who was the organizer and also the introductory keynote speaker in this webinar told that “Urologists should take a lead in men’s health and be more approachable like a friend to male patients because it takes a lot of courage for a male to present himself to a clinic. We need to make his visit a good experience and provide a more holistic treatment that covers the other linked underlying health problems and risk factors.”

The national webinar was the first of its kind webinar on health of men and aimed at training doctors to setup more men friendly establishments and clinics where men could go and get screened for problems related to or more common in men such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and men specific prostate and genito-urinary problems.  The emphasis comes from the fact that men are silent sufferers and their longevity is 5 years less than women in nearly all parts of the world. This is because of their poor genetic makeup but more importantly the false sense of superiority and invincibility. Amongst the top 10 killers 8 affect men more commonly than women. Men are not aware about this and are still chasing their herculean image thinking of it as true. 

Even for aware men or sick men there are no program to help. Men often don’t know whom to approach for their health conditions and where to go for screening and treatment. In the national webinar such challenges were discussed and experts deliberated on how to establish more men’s Health friendly facilities. Health conditions are linked to one another and problems related to manhood such as erection problems, low testosterone and infertility are all linked to more serious health conditions like heart tracks, stroke, diabetes and obesity. The message of the webinar for the common man was to not neglect these problems and consult a formally trained doctor for men related issues so that not only is it adequately managed but the other linked conditions are also diagnosed and treated. 

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