Pearl Academy Launched #WeCare Campaign to Extend Support Students’ Mental Health Welfare

Pearl Academy
Pearl Academy
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Pearl Academy Launched #WeCare Campaign to Extend Support Students’ Mental Health Welfare

Kolkata, May 11, 2020: With the global pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) increasing at a rapid rate and claiming the lives of many, the entire world seems to have come to a halt. While the educational sectors countrywide are leaving no stones unturned to impart knowledge to the students, there is another need which is becoming seemingly significant day by day and that is the increasing concern for students’ mental health. Pearl Academy, one of the leading design, fashion, business and media institutes in India, has focused on this dire need of the hour and extended support to their students through #WeCare campaign, a specially launched counseling service during this time of lockdown.

The primary focus and the measure of success for academic institution are the transformation and impact it creates in the lives of its students. Often in the pursuit of growth, rankings, accreditations and multiple other objectives we tend to forget this purpose. We impart knowledge and wisdom to make our students ready for the world, to make it a better place. We inspire students to dream with their eyes wide open and see our aspirations being met on realization of these dreams.

Along with dissemination of knowledge comes demonstration of care. Pearl Academy is there for their students wherever they need a protective shield. In times of crisis where the students are far away, this responsibility does not diminish. On the contrary it actually increases because like everyone else, the students are also faced with hardships and finding it difficult to cope

Due to the lockdown, students are not being able to meet their teachers and classmates with whom they share an emotional attachment. This prolonged absence of interaction can leave a huge impact on the mental health of students. In this regard, the institution has launched a 24/7 counselling services for the students under the umbrella of ‘UPES Cares” and ‘ We care @ Pearlacademy”. This service is focused at the emotional wellbeing of the students where they can reach out to trained counsellors to seek help if they are stressed, anxious, and lonely or just need someone to talk to. This facility is not only for the students of Pearl Academy but also for their family members. After all, everyone needs a friend and Pearl Academy has taken a small step to ensure that everyone has one.

The students have to call 1800-270-7121 and share their UPES/Pearl mail ids to get access to the service. The students can also access the web support at  to have chat with counsellors and also access several relevant articles.

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