One Billion enlighten tight Slap on COVID-19 – Italian destructor and Panic makers are in the back foot

Light of Hope By Suman Munshi
Light of Hope By Suman Munshi
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One Billion Slap on COVID-19 panic makers – – We shall overcome Political Saint has sent the message loud and clear

A new incarnation of Narendra Modi emerged during this hard time of the nation as Political Saint, a statesman. COVID pandemic made it clear today that 1.3 billion slap on COVID-19  virus through the countrymen and on the face of “Italian Terror”.

Last time when we saw anywhere in the globe that a leader has called for something and the entire country followed the call? Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King showed the path and today in my lifetime I experienced a similar kind of solidarity from people of India for Modi.

Forgetting the political differences other sensible political groups even they are opposed on the ground joined hand to stand by the people.

But the virus which is creating havoc in Italy and elsewhere had tried to expand venom in Indian society but a tight slap on the face of that virus made sure India is one nation when Nation needs her sons and daughters.

Lighting Lamp is not the all, but attitude to stand by the people who are trying to fight against the pandemic is the ultimate message.

No politics please, today is the day for Indians in India and everywhere in the world to feel that there are not alone.

Some still feel there is better way to fight the “Italian destructor” only time will tell. How disconnected “Italian Mismanagement” was on the ground as an example and which made every one venerable globally.

Are we confident enough that India is fighting together and we will not follow in the “Italian Trap path” any more.

We wish to thank all political and support group who are fighting against COVID-19.

We shall overcome some Day soon.

PM Modi with the Light
PM Modi with the Light

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