The Dreamgirl’s Dream flight

The Dreamgirl's Dream flight
The Dreamgirl's Dream flight
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

The Dreamgirl’s Dreamflight

Bachchu Mandal’s dream venture of flying ‘Urojahaj’ coincidentally coincides with that of its producer Amy. “Her passion for cinema or culture is exceptional”, vouchsafes, Budhyadeb Dasgupta, noted filmmaker.”  Continuing, he says, “Man can not live without dreams”, adding that “Urojahaj could not be done if there was no faith, patience or dependency on me by my producer-associate Amy.

Fact remains that since 18 century to date, women have been an integral part of the film making process be it in Hollywood Bollywood or Tollywood. Some way or the other, women were connected with celluloid – some as director, actress, singer, screenplay or scriptwriter even as a model. Some came through their relationships with film personalities. Perhaps, as per one can see, Amy is the only Bengali lady film producer never linked to any filming activities before. 

Priyanka Dutta, daughter of famed film producer Ashwini Dutta, took a course in film studies from Univ. (college) of California, Los Angeles, though not exactly in the same category as Amy who was also undergoing her education in Los Angeles during that same period.

Few Words From Amy : “My affinity for my country or culture makes me to feel different. Even my son and daughter who although are foreign residents feel the same Indianness at heart. I must say about the contribution of my civil Engineer husband Tarun Kumar Ghosh. Lucky, he is always with me. Both of us are self-dependent and in a sense, free to our own ways. Daughter Joanna is famed Lawyer and Son Rahul is into hedge fund business. I come from a traditional family where Durga Pujo or Dōle Utsab is still observed in our country home with great gusto. Radha-Gobinda idols find a place inside our temple.

My octogenarian father Biswanath Roy was a C. A.  of repute with a strong personality. He used to oversee the festivities with intense fervor. We now restrict him not to undertake much load. Local attractions in my native stay, Haripal in Hoogly, Durga Dalan, Dole Mancha and huge temple is worth visiting. After graduating from Bethune College with Chemistry Hons. I went to U.S.A. with my husband and studied Law. I have been practicing law since then for 17 years and successfully!, so.

I was an avid movie watcher all along and wished to do something involving it in due course. Then I came across Buddhadeb Dasgupta through Dr. Partha Banerjee and decided to produce this film. l am now associated with Madrid lnternational Film Festival, New York Indian Film Festival, BFI London Ind. Film Festival, Goethe Institute. (New Delhi) etc.  Kolkata Intl. Film Festival to me is as if my home. The director’s I like to work within future are Koushik Ganguly, Atanu Basu, Sibaprasad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy duo.



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