Flavors of Lucknow by Abhishek Agarwal is Peoples Hot choice when it comes to Lucknow’s Food

Abhishek Agarwal
Abhishek Agarwal
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Flavors of Lucknow by Abhishek Agarwal is Peoples Hot choice when it comes to Lucknow’s Food. This Food blogger is catching eyes across the nation

The city’s foodie lad, Abhishek Agarwal blended the perfect proportion of marketing skills, business consultancy experience with lots of love for food and pinch of Nawabi zaika to create: Flavors of Lucknow.

Business at Flavors of Lucknow is all about adding value! It aims to create relevant audio-visual posts, articles, and stories as per the audience demand. From juicy momos to fancy dumplings and crispy samosa to cheezy pizza, from jalebi to exquisite variety of cakes- you’ll find everything on this platform. If you Love food the way FOL does, we bet you’ll not be able to stop yourself from hunting out for some hot and delicious food after watching the pictures and videos on his page.

Any story behind the name- Flavors of Lucknow?
It all started in 2017 with the noble thought to provide a platform to promote the flavors of Local street food vendors of Lucknow, to uplift their standard of living and to bring Lucknow on the world food map.

Why is it “Flavors of Lucknow” and Not “Flavours of Lucknow”! If you’ve got the difference let us answer out this hustle…Though both the spellings are absolutely correct, Abhishek preferred “flavors” because he believes “U”, your own self is not a priority but the people and needy are.

How do Flavors of Lucknow manage to mix food with travel?
“Culinary tours or food exploration trips are my kinds of trips,” says Abhishek Agarwal. “Is there any mood success, failure or phase of life which good food and travel cannot fix. He personally believes the authentic cultural taste rests in the street food which that place has to offer. His love fling with street food ablaze with the food walks in lanes of Lucknow, matured with his explorations in various cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Nainital.

“Behind every successful man, there’s a lot of unsuccessful years”. Words on the success of Flavors of Lucknow as the best influencer marketing platform and blogger in Lucknow.

By focusing right and believing in growing by delivering good, relevant and genuine content has got Flavors of Lucknow it’s audience fall head over heels in love with his work. Thanks to all the foodies out there. We are a big family now.
One thing that has always motivated him is DON’T PUT A CEILING ON YOURSELF, don’t set your limits of what is possible and what is not. Food blogging has been a passion for him. Having come so far, Flavorsoflucknow takes pride in reviewing 300+ brands including Toyota, KFC, Marriot, OYO rooms and many more.
The key idea behind founding Flavors of Lucknow was to accelerate the growth of the city with a pinch of both local street food and elite tastes and cuisines added to it. Flavors of Lucknow have proved to be a one-stop option for anyone visiting the city. Flavorsoflucknow has audience from abroad as well engaged on the page thereby creating international awareness about the food and cuisine.
Apart from this, he wants the page to grow more as an influencer marketing platform whereby the best of international brands choose FOL for their marketing and promotions, taking leverage of his marketing strategies and innovative ideas. Thus, he would want FOL to grow as a brand of GLOBAL CHOICE.

Having started as a page, Flavors of Lucknow has now become a brand with a presence on various platforms

Instagram – www.instagram.com/flavorsoflucknow

Facebook- www.facebook.com/flavorsoflucknow

Website – www.flavorsoflucknow.com



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