Celebrate this Puja with Saptapadi’s Bengali Cuisine with Intriguing Spices

Saptapadi’s Food
Saptapadi’s Food
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Celebrate this Puja with Saptapadi’s Bengali Cuisine with Intriguing Spices

By Alivia Sarkar Saha

Kolkata, September, 2019: The Archetypal Bengali Specialty Restaurant Saptapadi, today launched their Durgapuja Special menu of this year to woo the gourmands of the city. The restaurant is all geared up to serve a range of alluring delicacies to celebrate Durga Puja. The special menu will come into effect from 6th September 2019 at both the outlets of Saptapadi stationed at Purna Das Road and Baghajatin, Kolkata. 

Bengali’s love for food is not a hidden secret and enjoying a scrumptious meal during the most auspicious occasion, Durga Puja is a sine qua non for the Kolkatans. The week-long celebrations are a heady mix of food, love, culture and a good dose of lively chaos. You cannot miss Kolkata’s food, especially during Pujas, if you consider yourself a serious foodie. The thrilling spices, flavourful dishes, each meticulously prepared with a range of aromatic spices, and love makes the Bengali cuisine so unique. Who can blame anyone for having a little more than their fill? Setting out for a Bengali meal has always been an indulgent affair and with Durga Puja around the corner Saptapadi keeps up to each Bengali’s expectation with their special Durga Puja menu this year.  

The restaurant in its aura to celebrate the ‘Bangaliana’ enriched its menu with nostalgic and eclectic to offer warm hospitality and authentic food as Durga Puja is synonymous with homecoming. In an attempt to revive our tradition and old lost recipes the menu has been made in an innovative way that can entice the epicureans. The platter is served with utmost love and recipes inspired by our mothers and grandmothers. The Sharodiya Thali and the Speacial Sharodiya Thali are the primary tempting charms of this celebration. The Shorodiya Thali includes Rice/Pulao, A vaja (Fry) of the day, Veg of the day, Sonali Vekti Fritters, Narkel Murgi Nuggets, Mutton, Chingri, vetki, Salad, Chatni, Papad and Dessert. The restaurant has the Special Sharodiya Thali for those who crave for more, which includes Rice/Pulao, A vaja (Fry) of the day, Veg of the day, Sonali Vekti Fritters, Narkel Murgi Nuggets, Mutton, Illish, Chingri, vetki, Salad, Chatni, Papad and Dessert. The pocket pinch for Sharodiya Thali is Rs. 850/- and for Special Sharodiya Thali Rs.1199/-

If you want your thali to be set as per your choice, the restaurant offers a myriad of choices in its A La Carte menu.  The food items in this menu contains an eclectic assortment of dishes, Morich Pabda Masala, Dab Chingri, Satanutir Bhuna Murgi and Mutton, Paneer Simlamirch, Sukto, Badshahi Katla etc. For the sincerer love of food you cannot miss what Saptapadi has to offer you this Durga Puja.

“I wanted to share my own romance with my birth-State’s cuisine to the table. Serving my city’s glorious cuisines to Indian diners has taught me one thing – there is a little bit of Kolkata in everyone. The emphasis is on Bengaliness and everybody wants to be a bit traditional during this time of the year in both attire and food habits. As Bengalis are best known for their love for food, most of us celebrate our special days by enjoying a scrumptious Bengali spread.” said Chef Ranjan Biswas, Owner, Saptapadi.

Durga Puja, the resplendent festival of Bengal is right around the corner. It’s definitely going to be hard to find a Bengali who would rather eat at home during this grand festive season. Do not let this festival slide by without enjoying the irresistible dishes with the essence of ‘Bangaliana’ especially made for you by Saptapadi. Make your Puja celebration an epitome of ultimate gratification while indulging in the relish of authentic Bengali cuisine.

Location:  49B, Purna Das Road, Kolkata – 700019 G40 Baghajatin, Kolkata 700047

Timings:  12.00 noon- 4pm; 6 pm – 10:30 pm Meal for two:  Rs.800/- plus GST

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