A seminar on Addiction Management at the Dhaka Club

Dhaka Club
Dhaka Club

A seminar on Addiction Management at the Dhaka Club

Drug addiction is an alarming threat to any society. Unfortunately, unlike in the past, more and more people are falling prey to drug abuse today. To address the burning issue the prestigious Dhaka Club invited Piya Banerjee, Certified RECBT therapist, Founder & CEO of Grey Matters Wellness, India, and Dr. Prem Kumar Shanmugam, CEO of Solace, Malaysia for a talk on Addiction Management

The Athena Ltd, Dhaka hosted by Dr. Iftekhar Alam Siddiqui (CEO of Athena Ltd) organized the seminar attended by a packed assembly.

Piya Banerjee highlighted the reasons people are abusing drugs mostly due to complex social and peer groups influence, frustration, depressions, curiosity, sub-cultural and psychological environment. She pointed some of the risk factors responsible for drug abuse are family disorganization, parental neglect, parent-child conflict, indiscipline, isolation and lack of emotional support, rejection of love, unemployment, repeated failures and easy availability of drugs. Piya spoke about Addiction Management through Counselling, the importance of counselors in the recovery process of addiction management, the various therapeutic interventions and approaches.

She received accolades from an audience that included many dignitaries such as the Prof. Dr. Mohit Kamal, Director of National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH, Associate Professor, Dr. Helal Uddin Ahmed(NIMH), Mr. Nuru Zaman Shorif, the Director of Narcotics Bureau, Dhaka, Prof. Dr. Golam Rabbani, Chairperson, Neuro-Developmental Disability Protection Trustee Board, Ministry of Social Welfare,  and Prof. Dr. Jhunu Shamsun Nahar, professor of BSMMU to mention a few among several esteemed Professors and Psychiatrists that were present there.

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