The ultimate Vastu Guide for life Shri Pradeep Jainee

Shri Pradeep Jainee
Shri Pradeep Jainee

Pradeep Jainee is a well-established Vastu Consultant in India & abroad with over 15 years of experience.

Pradeep Jainee is a versatile person with deep knowledge in Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Pyramid Vastu, Geopathy also.

More importantly, he produces results that can be seen with his portfolio. He does Vastu consulting for residential in general, but he specializes in Business Vastu & Numerology, scores of businesses, Real Estate, Hotels, Doctors and various industries and startups constantly seek his advice for great results.

Numerology and Pyramid Vastu are also related to living in a well-structured environment and enhancing the energies coming out of All the elements around you.

Pradeep Jainee can give you expert suggestions on how you can significantly change your way of living and can feel the positive influence around you by doing some minor modifications at your place. His clients include celebrities, politicians, scholars and many more.

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