Know how Suumit Shah, An Internet Marketeer turned an Entrepreneur

Know how Suumit Shah - An Internet Marketeer turned an Entrepreneur
Know how Suumit Shah - An Internet Marketeer turned an Entrepreneur

Know how Suumit Shah, An Internet Marketeer turned an Entrepreneur

The dream is something which can make your world go around. Something which can make things happens and something which aspires to be the best. Our mind works in such a way that just sometimes we see things which don’t even exist. We see and we build, we Create that image and finally when the results come, we are more than happy to work through the same.

Sometimes we have a dream and so did Suumit.

In the recent interview conducted with Suumit Shah, he said that- “while he worked for companies like and he saw the problems therein. Every day he wanted to do something which was can solve the issues of getting the traffic in of the customers in the business and one day as he sat there browsing through the internet, he got aware about something called SEO services. Amazed he researched on it as much as he can and there, just where his dream started. A dream to provide the businesses with something which can bring in traffic, something which can do app improvement or app optimisation and also something which can provide service like organic long-term SEO, pay per click service, etc. This was the start, the start of a totally new Indian website named Risemetric which was launched in Nov 2014.”

Suumit’s dream made him work day and night and finally, the thing became a total inspiration for all the people out there. The people should not only dream but also believe in the same. They should know that no matter how many hurdles come in between, they will succeed and this success will be so big that every moment will be felt. Well, the success was definitely felt by Suumit whose website was being appreciated by all and companies like Sony, McDonald’s, etc, started approaching the same. The business did take a sharp turn towards success and let the best to be achieved at the lowest cost.

On being asked, what after that, Suumit says- “Well, a dreaming eye never stops and never does the mind of a person having the same. They plan and plan. Just as the same started in my head after seeing Microsoft offering a complete suite consisting word, excel, etc. I planned to make one such suite and name the same as rankz. The work started as the thought arise and rankz made a launch soon. The website started providing service at $19.99 which was not much to ask for growing businesses. Not only this, our aim this time was to cross the national boundary and create our niche in USA and Spain with a small start of earning 1000 USD per month. We wanted to create an impact out there too.”

So, this was the start for rankz which aimed for 1000 USD per month and now the business drives in more than 34000 USD. Well, a remarkable entry and growth can be called in short. The business became demanding and people began appreciating what was being offered. The work of Suumit and the CO-founder of rankz Mr Subhash Choudhary did get out the best colours. Their like heads and like ideas got together. Truly the words are right, two minds to create the best and so did they with 270k words tracked, 600+ press release and more than 250 customers who were more than happy for being served by rankz.
This remarkable start and movement of Suumit from marketing to Tech business is an inspiration to young India.

Suumit did pass a message to them- “guys dream and dream, work and make a start and you will be there where you dreamed yourself to be.”

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