FFACE announces a unique platform for women, ‘FFACE Anokhi’

FFACE announces a unique platform for women - FFACE Anokhi
FFACE announces a unique platform for women - FFACE Anokhi
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FFACE announces a unique platform for women, ‘FFACE Anokhi’

“Beauty has no shape”

Kolkata, 11th May 2019FFACE, one of the prominent talent management brands of Eastern India announced its new endeavor called “FFACE Anokhi” digitally powered by Facebook at The Brewhive today. The logo of “FFACE Anokhi” was unveiled in the presence of renowned actress Rachana Banerjee, popular actress Swastika Dutta and well known actor Sean Banerjee along with Mr. Neil Roy, Founder-Director of FFACE, Ms. Paromita Ghosh, Strategic Consultant-Director of FFACE, Mr. Indroneel Mukherjee, Fashion Director of FFACE and Model turned Actor Falaque Rashid Roy who is making her debut in Raj Chakraborty’s upcoming film ‘Parineeta’ also the Marketing Director for FFACE.

FFACE Anokhi is a platform which promotes the concept “Beauty Has No Shape”. Anokhi challenges body shaming and brings out the true essence of womanhood. FFACE believes that beauty has no shape and that women of all shape are beautiful. It is a stepping stone for all the talented women from across the state to achieve their passion in the the world of fashion and entertainment. This is FFACE’s first international venture collaborating with Ocenic Media Solutions for the Bangladesh segment.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Neil Roy, Founder – Director of FFACE said, “We don’t believe that body shape and age can determine beauty. Beauty is not superficial. It comes from within. Any person with a good heart, talent and confidence is always beautiful irrespective of age and body shape”. He added, “All that women need, is a platform to express their talent. So, we, at FFACE are giving them from every sphere of the society the platform to showcase their talent.”

Talking about fashion, Indroneel Mukherjee, Fashion Director of FFACE said, “Fashion is not very constant and it keeps on changing. It is basically a trend that goes around for a certain period, but beauty is constant. Beauty is the confidence that lets you carry a particular trend of fashion. Beauty is not just putting on a lot of make-up; you can be beautiful without make-up if you wear the confidence to carry yourself in any kind of fashion statement. And, that is exactly what we are looking forward to.”

Ms. Paromita Ghosh, Strategic Consultant – Director of FFACE said, “Even today people tend to think that body shape, complexion and all such factors determine the beauty of a person. But, that is very superficial definition of beauty. Beauty is something that evolves from within a person irrespective of the complexion, structure, body shape and all such factors. All one needs is to explore self, and FFACE is giving that platform to the women through this initiative. We hope that we would be able to encourage women to be confident enough to carry themselves the way they are and not feel inferior because of any stereotypical factors of beauty”.

The beauty pageant will take place across Bangladesh and Eastern India and will commence with registrations from 20th May onwards. After the registration period the auditions will start from the month of July. Initially after auditions in Bangladesh and India, 20 participants will be selected from each country. Out of 20 women the top 10 participants of each country will be selected for the final round, who will compete for the crown of FFACE Anokhi at a neutral location outside India and Bangladesh.

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