This time fight is between Modiphoria and Modiphobia

Parliament house in New Delhi
Parliament house in New Delhi
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav
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You hate him, you love him but for sure you can not ignore him. He is most talked about statesman in the last 4 years of international politics.

Two words will explain this general election “Modiphoria” (Euphoria about PM Modi) and “Modiphobia” (Fear of Modi) the bipolar nature of public and political figures across India. When the continuous improvement of India’s ranking in global scale surely a plus for corporate voters to look into Modi for the second term, yet middleman system of functioning is not at all interested to see Modi again.

Youth across India mostly believe in “New India” under Modi and not at all interested in others to replace Modi. But in two hundred years of a colonial hangover with 70 years of favoritism politics has created a comfort zone and vested interest group, who are not at all ready to leave any space for the others. Ethical backbone is completely destroyed and if anyone is trying to restore the same all will oppose.

Dynastic politics good or bad that is purely relative if the capability is within and based on pure quality someone gets into father’s shoe, it is not bad but just because from one family cannot make you eligible for the next monarch of India. Prove your capability and come out of the fantasy world and stop making people your pray.

Exactly Modi has made the changes here like Sunil Gavaskar did for Indian cricket. Gavaskar put cricket on the streets of India straight from the Kings Courtyard. A “Chaiwala” can be a prime minister that itself is a fairy tale for many but nightmare for many too.

But at least in the last five decades India never showed such an act of stupendous courage at each field. He may or may not have succeeded in each area but for sure show the will power to execute.

“Note Bandhi” good or bad ask those who had “Black Lakshmi” under the bed? Was that as bad as the division of India or “Emergency” ? or J&K LOC? India is getting strong under Modi it might fall on a few occasions but surely will not walk with the Walking sticks anymore. Modiphoria will drive the country and Modiphobia will remove the potholes of Dallal Raj from the system.

Narendra Modi And His Mother
Narendra Modi And His Mother

The opposition needs a strong counter personality who has control over the party and the nation to stand before the Modi. We do not need any foreign educated imported fellow to lead India we need a man who is Indian at the heart global in the mind.

The more and more opposition consolidate and spread hate against Modi youth will consolidate with his side and at present, across length and breadth of India,Mr. Modi is the only issue in this election.

Some of the Interim budget items are really an achievement to recon with. Be it healthcare or Rail all sector has shown sign of positive turn, some still have challenges and will remain as you can not reverse the 70 years down move in to a sky jump in just one day.

Some of the statistics released by the Press Information Bureau as follows:

Infographics: PIB

Is it a resemblance between American Civil War were down south was opposing President Lincoln’s Army who was trying to remove slavery from America and without knowing the truth slaves were fighting against the Army under the instruction of their owner lord. Are unified Modi haters acting as the lords to keep the slavery of thought to continue in India and Modi is trying to regain the sprite of the masses back to context to mother India and her heritage?

Is India creating history again or making a historical blander only time will tell. But in Atal Ji’s word ” सत्ता तो आएगी-जाएगी लेकिन ये देश बचा रहना चाहिए” Government will come and go, the party will have ups and downs but this country must have head high, long live democracy.

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