Oh Cha – It’s all about love for Tea

Oh Cha - It's all about love for Tea
Oh Cha - It's all about love for Tea

Oh Cha – It’s all about love for Tea

Incorporated in 2017, Oh Cha is a boutique tea company which specializes in flavoured tea and is the brainchild of Pallavi Kanoi from Kolkata.Oh Cha curates premium tea hailing from the gardens ofAssam, Dooars and Darjeeling and is crafted them into unique blends with all natural ingredients.

Oh Cha stemmed from the constant experimentation with flavours and the goal to provide affordable yet flavorsome tea to the consumers. The teas are whole leaf, delicious and healthy. It is the perfect paradox of simple and complex, of flavors exotic and familiar, energizing and relaxing. With the shelf life of 18 months, these scrumptious teas can be consumed either as an iced tea or steaming hot.  These concoctions are a host of original, hugely trendy, drinks with innovation and freshness that are firmly at the forefront.

The brand has a plethora of appetizing teas that defies stereotypes, bringing boldly to the table ‘Classic Teas’, ‘Dessert Teas’and‘Exclusive Teas’ with a totally fresh perspective.It takes homely flavours and gives them an unconventional, playful twist, for consumers who are looking for more options of tea. The hallmark of the Oh Cha Menu is that it’s full of surprises and the blends comfort and satiates the palate.

CLASSIC TEAS : With legions of tea fanatics expressing their love for tea, Classic Teas will invigorate your senses with every sip. Savour the exquisite flavour of our fine teas that can be consumed throughout the day. Delight with the bright notes of specially selected blends that are not only refreshing but spice-infused offering a perfect balance, you won’t find in any other tea. A caffeine-free Chamomile Tea is the ultimate solution to a good night’s sleep while Peppermint Tea after lunch, will help your digestive system. Enjoy an evening cup of Lemongrass Tea or Tulsi Tea that will help you strengthen your immunity. The Jasmine Tea at Oh Cha, is concocted from the stellar grade of tea leaves, scented with fresh Jasmine blossoms. If you are looking for a clean, odoriferous flavor, this tea is ideal for you. The unmistakable aroma of cinnamon makes the Orange Cinnamon Tea a deliciously warming tea. Explore this collection of our best herbal and natural infusions to help calm and soothe while providing a thirst-quenching brew.

DESSERT TEAS: Take in the aromatic notes of infused natural sweeteners like berries, coconuts, 100% Cocoa Chips which eliminates the need for sugar in the day. Bask in the calming nature and exotic flavours that are not only unique but also thirst-quenching. Experience sip after sip of pure indulgence with our decadent selection of dessert teas! Summon the flavor of your favorite treat, from Blueberry to Chocolate to Red Velvet Cake, with the quick and easy steep of a tea bag. While eating dessert is totally fine as a once-in- awhile indulgence, most of us crave it far more often than that. Drink these up, instead!

EXCLUSIVE TEAS:These exclusive teas are the perfect substitute for ‘Teetotallers’ with their unique, exotic flavours. For those who love a tipple, this concoction of a rich tea laced with flavours of fine whisky, is as good as any hot-toddy. The Whisky Tea and White Tea with its warm, rounded flavours and malty sweetness, is a tranquil cup to send them to peaceful bliss. Natural flavors and organic ingredients coupled with the finest tea leaves from around the world, completes this unparalleled collection of unique flavors. The distinctive taste is here, but without the alcohol, so you won’t need that hip flask after all!

Oh Cha is here to make sure that health and happiness is just a brew away. It is obtainable on their official Oh Cha webpage and various platforms such as Propshop24, Amazon, Style Salad, Giftonaand Scootsy. It is also available in the Twigs & Tales store in Kolkata. 

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