Historic win for Hasina and her Alliance in Bangladesh General Election 2018 – Modi Congratulated Hasina

Indian PM Modi Talks with Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina
Indian PM Modi Talks with Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina

It was not easy for all to believe that BNP led opposition will not even touch double digit mark in the election and Sheikh Hasina will lead her alliance to a clean sweep for the 3rd consecutive term.

Hasina and her people proved that strong determination and real work on the ground is the only credible measurement against all vested interest group. Bangladesh has developed in all scale and still may have many pending problems but what I saw in 1998 in Bangladesh and what I see today is a complete positive development path for a poor nation to a developing nation.

Hasina and her alliance secured 266 seat and Jatiya Party (Ershad) got 22 seat so total Hasina and friend got 288 out of 299 (1 election hold up) seats.

Bangladesh Parliament
Bangladesh Parliament

People of Bangladesh will write their history in future but surely Madam Hasina will have an equally important chapter like her father in post MuktiYuddho Bangladesh.

Indian PM Modi called her Bangladeshi Counter part PM Hasian and congratulated her for the landslide victory in this election.

Now all eyes will be set for the peaceful development of new Government and new beginning for Bangladesh.

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