Khuti Puja of Jodhpur Park Cultural Association’s Durga Puja

Khuti Puja - Jodhpur Park
Khuti Puja - Jodhpur Park
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

Khuti Puja of Jodhpur Park Cultural Association’s Durga Puja

July 22, 2018: Jodhpur Park Cultural Association is once again geared up for their annual auspicious event – Durga Puja. In its 33rd year, the organisers of this Puja have plans for something unique. But at the same time, they are also very careful about refraining from doing anything which may tarnish their culturally rich image. They are ready to deviate a little, but are not at all ready to compromise with their cultural heritage. They are about to induct a trendy touch to the traditional yet evergreen Sharodotsab. They have just organised their Khuti Puja on 22nd July, 2018.

Amidts of two known Durga Puja in Jodhpur Park, this puja organised at Children’s Park, Jodhpur Park has sown the seed to grow big.

Jodhpur Park Cultural Association has devoted their service towards the society and mankind through their constant help to the poor and needy children by distributing clothes, toys etc. They also extend their helping hand by arranging blood for those who cannot afford to spend even at the time of emergency. This Puja Committee is always extend all kind of support for the people who are really in need. They have deep respect for women and believe in women empowerment. So they have invited a special Women’s Dhaki Team to perform at their Khuti Puja.

Here, special mention needs to be made about Ashok Laboratory and Ashok Nursing Home and Blood Bank, who have been with this Puja for the last thirty two years. This organisation has always provided the much needed support to this Puja committee.

Dr. Abhijeet Banerjee, President of Jodhpur Park Cultural Association and also the Director of Ashok Laboratory and Ashok Nursing Home is excited to talk about their Durga Puja of this year. Dr. Banerjee said, “This year we have unique thoughts which will be way different from the previous years. We have planned and started doing all kinds of campaigning that is required to promote this Puja. We are expecting much more visitors and footfall this year.”

Creative Designer and Theme planner Mr. Soumya Jyoti Sen, said, “ We have designed a theme which speaks of Tradition in a new Avatar. This Puja Committee believes in Traditional Puja, so keeping in mind the Legacy we have designed a theme which will be Traditional yet Trendy.”



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