Million Dollar Question with RJ Nilam of 93.5 Red FM – The iron lady of RJ’s World yet a best friend for her chosen one

RJ Nilam
RJ Nilam
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

Soft-spoken, delicate, sugar-coated and a very simple girl next door! These are the words which are the exact opposite of what RJ Nilam is. She is known as ‘Kolkata ki GPS’ as she knows the city like the back of her hand and talks about the city accolades and problems load and clear. A complete prankster and famous for ‘Mata ka Email’ where she mimics ‘lata didi’ to perfection. She is known for satirical humor and complete Bajaate Raho approach.

Nilam has been on-air for the past 12 years and the fan following she has is enormous.

She is so well read that she can talk about absolutely anything under the sun and her quirky one liners make her sound very attractive on-air.

She’s known to be the Bajaate Raho queen!

Her Famous shows on the radio are:

Kolkata Cutting, Monday – Saturday 11-2pm

Hafta Wasooli, Sundays 7-10am

Awards & accolades-

  • Golden Mike for a campaign ideated and led by her- Baruipur To Brazil
  • Frequent celebrity on Kolkata TV shows.
  • A face of Pinkathon Kolkata Chapter along with Milind Soman
  • An active member of a women’s group- Shakti, where famous women/celebrities are a part of. 

How did you become interested in becoming a radio jockey?

“ When I began, there was no concept like radio jockeys. What existed was the concept of radio presenters. This was in the year 2000 and I have just passed out of college. It was announced in the radio that Akashbani wanted some presenters. I am actually very lazy by nature. This is the very reason why I never scored more than 57 percent in my examinations. My mother then mentioned to me that since I go on talking non-stop at my home, I should apply for the post. I applied and I was selected. Then in 2004 I joined RED FM. And now  I’m here loving what I do and involuntarily changing so many lives.”

If ever declared in this world, that money will not be the fundamental system of trade else you’ll be hired and solely surviving on the talent you own, then in your point of view, what will be the state of this world?

“If I just talk about my country, and if all people survive on their talents then I would say, there is a saying “survival of the fittest,” I think that applies here as well. So the violence, all sorts of violence we’re watching then all the macho, masculine men, we would be subdued under them. In this world, we live under the one who has the power and authority so If surviving on talent was the rule it would be quite hard.”

How are you handling professional and personal life, given the fact that you have such a hectic schedule?

Initially, I used to feel guilty that I was not been able to give quality time to my family. But they have been very supportive and they have understood my profession. When my child was small, I used to have a guilt feeling for not being able to spend quality time. I also read in many magazines that this has an adverse effect on the psychology of the kid. But thankfully I have a good support system. My mother-in-law is a great lady. She is more like a mother to me. She helps me immensely. The Tiffin that I carry is also made by her.

Million Dollar Questions

Imagine being stranded on an island, and there is only one plane that comes to rescue four people out of all the RJ’s in the crew, would you stay back and sacrifice for others?

“I have been taught since childhood that if there is ever a situation where a small sacrifice of yours could save someone’s life then you should do it, hence I would do it as well. Plus I know that if I say my friends that you guys go, they won’t, they’d come back for me, Our bond is like that”

Immediately after this kind act of sacrificing your chance to return back, God blesses you with a treasure of luck, who would you share this fortune with?

“I have a lot of people I look at every day and I wonder if I had loads of money, how many I could help, especially when I see the people and kids on the roads, dying in poverty and it kills me when I can’t help, So of course I would go out and help them.”

The last question to her was

If you ever became the Pm of India, what would be the most prioritized issue you’d like to solve?

“That would be unemployment, and not just like private companies and job unemployment, in every specter, like farmers too. When I used to study Geography in school, my teacher used to say that our Earth is full of natural resources, India is full of it, yet we can’t utilize it properly even though India is an agricultural country, we can’t feed every stomach here though we have enough land to grow food. Technology is advancing so much it should be used for the benefit and not just our mere entertainment



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